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The peso continues to lose value against the dollar, with a small difference. As seen below, per day today is Saturday the 30th December 2023this is a minimal difference because The US dollar exchange rate in Mexico is quoted at $16.9790 pesos, according to As for yesterday, the price was set at $16.9418 pesos, you may notice variation -0.01% relative to the previous day. Here’s how the dollar is generally available for purchase today in $16.6222 pesosand sales in general $17.5157 pesos. (Update: 8:00 am)

Below we show you the exchange rate at various banking institutions in Mexico:

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As you can see the banks in the listit can be seen that today’s average is in $16.50 pesos per dollar. As for the purchase, it is in $15.70 pesos and sale $17.47 pesos.

Price of a dollar on credit cards in Mexico:

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Now we will show you the average price of a dollar in Credit cards, which is located in US$17.08 pesosHe average purchase is 16.69 pesos and for sale 17.48 pesos.

According to the portal, which is responsible for assessing 33 sources, both from institutions and banks, the average exchange rate of the dollar to the peso. The exchange rate was set at 16.97 pesos today in Mexico. The general purchase exchange rate is $16.60 pesos and the general sales exchange rate is $17.47 pesos. (Update Saturday, December 30, 2023 from 2023 – 7:00 am).

Having considered 32 sources, write down the following:

° The highest dollar to peso purchase exchange rate at HSBC is MXN 17.10.

° The lowest purchasing rate of the dollar to the Mexican peso is 15.80 Mexican pesos in Banorta.

° The highest dollar to Mexican peso exchange rate is $18.05 MXN on Monex.

° The lowest dollar to Mexican peso exchange rate is MXN 16.89 at SAT (Tax Administration Service).

How much does a euro cost?

Euro continues with a downward trend, with very minimal difference. As you can see, the average daily exchange rate in Mexico Today Saturday 30 December 2023 This US$18.77 pesos, with a minimal difference compared to yesterday, which was in US$18.78 pesos As for purchases in general, the euro remains in US$18.17 pesos and the general selling exchange rate is 19 pesos, 37 dollars.

How much is Bitcoin worth?

Bitcoin cannot increase its value against the dollarfor a small difference. Regarding Bitcoin (BTC), Saturday 30 December 2023 At the beginning of the day it was listed at US$41,955.09 (USD) for BTC, with a slight difference, since yesterday it was in US$42,850.48 (U.S. DOLLAR). Binance reports this on its website. Reliable source where is the price of USD to BTC. real-time updates. Bitcoin -2.14% last 24 hours, -3.93% over the last week and +10.78% in the last month.

Stay up to date with events daily everything related to the price of the dollar, euro and bitcoins in our “Price of a Dollar” sectionthere you can find a daily report on the value of the dollar and euro against the peso, as well as the time value of bitcoin.

*Some values ​​may have changed since last review (updated: 8:00).

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