The project took off from the top!

The Harry Potter universe is officially being revived as a television series. In addition to the release of the latest film, Warner Bros. has decided to renew the magic of adapting JK Rowling’s books in a series that will next be a volume of the saga.

This new product will surprise you, you will be excited about the most loyal fans that will give you a special affection for the films with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. In this regard, producer David Heman promised research and approval of the magical universes that were proposed on the big screen.

At the moment, the project has already debuted without an official script. Between scenes, a competition begins to realize the vision of the saga. Recurring names include Michael Lesslie, continuing his work in Assassin’s Creed, Tom Moran from The Devil’s Hour, Martha Hillier from The Last Kingdom, and Kathleen Jordan from Teenage Bounty Hunters, and they offered their ideas. Chacun offers a unique perspective while also promising a rich and varied series.

Discussions are currently taking place in Los Angeles, but some scenes will return to Royaume-Uni to continue negotiations. The idea that ideas are not part of this is held to avoid the possibility of contributing to the return of the franchise.

Warner Bros. and HBO Max, which stream the series, are considering developing other series based on the Harry Potter universe. This ambitious project is intended to lead to a significant expansion of the world of wizards. Fans can avoid sentiment, but most of all, the excitement is in the air. Restez à l’affût for more information about the tour that is visiting.

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