The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the alleged escape of a man nicknamed ‘Fito’ from prison. Security news

The Prosecutor’s Office opened – ex officio – an investigation into the alleged theft of prisoner Adolfo MV, alias ‘Fito’, leader of the criminal group “Los Choneros”.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated this Sunday, January 7, around 8:00 p.m., “the first procedures are being carried out.”

Adolfo M., alias ‘Fito’, was apparently not found in his cell in the regional prison located on the street of Douala.

The army and police entered the prison this morning to carry out a CAMEX arms control operation, but did not find the prisoner.

Police Commander Cesar Zapata said tonight that when they entered the prison they did not find a prisoner. “Police and FF. A.A. They continue the investigation.

The officer indicated that in the afternoon the prosecutor’s office went to the prison to verify that the surname ‘Fito’ was not there.

Aquiles Álvarez plans to reinforce control and surveillance in Guayaquil in view of the “situation of security crisis”.

Alias ​​’Fito’ is considered the leader of the organized crime group Los Choneros. And this is the second time he has escaped, in 2013 he escaped from La Roca prison.

In the morning it came to light that during the operation a search was made for the prisoner, but he was not found.

SNAI, the body that manages prisons, did not issue any statement to the prosecutor’s office.

A strong military force entered the regional prison. Photo: Jose Beltran/El Universo Photo: Jose Beltran

Earlier, a video was circulated criticizing the government of Daniel Noboa for trying to invest in prisons like El Salvador.

The video indicated that Ecuador was not El Salvador and threatened to attack.

Furthermore, the video raised questions about the alias ‘Fito’ and the possible transfer of other kingpins.

At least a thousand soldiers, including army and police, entered different areas of the regional prison, also known as the Deprivation of Liberty Centre.

President Noboa calls an urgent meeting of the Public and State Security Council

Military personnel from various branches of the armed forces and police from special units were deployed to search cells, common areas and warehouses.

Even the cells where some of the gang’s leaders were kept, including ‘Fito’, nicknamed ‘Fito’ of Los Choneros, were searched.

Initially, it emerged that they found perfume, new clothes, technical equipment, television and even antennas for satellite communications. (yo)

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