The queen of rap Nicki Minaj no longer has the singer “Starships”, these are the more successful products of RedOne: the Moroccan product responded with elegance

Je ne chante plus this chanson“, released by Nicki Minaj with public recognition, alors que retentissaient, sur la scène d’un salle de Miami or it will be released in December 2023, premiere notes of “Starships”, new platinum discs released in 2012.

The “Queen of Rap”, as well as 150 million records sold worldwide, are also a fait accompli when they are equipped to communicate with music and ordonna in public, where song premieres are played. “I don’t interpret plus this chanson, y’all. I do not love you. Qu’est-ce que vous voulez que je fasse? Dumb chanson“At-Ele expressed her difficulties to the changer of the music record.

Questioning about this episode, which has eased the controversy among the singer’s fans and the dedicated American press, the Moroccan chanson producer, RedOne, is a game of tact. “I give Nicki Minaj a lot of respect and love a lot of my births. Je respecterai toujours les souhaits d’une Artiste… Je suis très fier d’avoir Réalise ce disque avec elle also que le succès mondial qu’il a connu“- said at-il in the American media TMZ.

Qualified answer from “sage” and de “mature” for the American press, which applauds “elegance”super producer“Marocain, corresponding to the fact that celui-ci cumule de nombreux succes avec notamment “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga and “More” by Usher, in order not to quote some of them.

If Nicki Minaj made the decision not to plus the “Starships” singer, then she did not think about the personnel at RedOne, then, pay attention to the American media, to the producer “I also registered other albums with Nicki, calling “Pound the Alarm” and they are playing all the cell phones at this time.

Ainsi, in advance, the son refused to interpret this song, reflecting her envy of the singer on tour with new music. Returning to the music scene after an absence of five years, the rap star lived in the toilet effect “Pink Friday 2”, in the studio of the album cinquième, December 8, 2023.

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