The reform of the Faculty of Medicine will begin at the end of the course and will cost nine million | Aragon

The Faculty of Medicine of the Aragonese capital is undergoing a deep process of reform and rehabilitation. This is the most important action of the University of Zaragoza until 2026. Work will begin at the end of the course and just over nine million euros will be invested in the first phase.

It has been 50 years since the teachers arrived from Paraninfo to the San Francisco campus. The classes were then filled with 5,000 students.. As the years passed, student numbers declined and training needs changed.

The university reform plan, which will be put out to tender for the start of construction before the end of the year, provides start with building B for offices and classrooms. They will open it on Violante Street in Hungary, create new laboratories and a virtual hospital, and build a large biomedical sciences library. “It is therefore a biomedical library service that facilitates the work of university students, as well as the society of Zaragoza and Aragon, regarding these needs,” explains Javier Lanuza, Dean of the Faculty.

Once this phase is completed, Building A will be renovated to house the central administration and canteen.. They propose keeping the Ramón y Cajal Hall in its current location.

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