The replacement has arrived, the Mexican who would take Dibu Martínez out of Aston Villa

Emiliano Martínez / Mexican National Team
Emiliano Martínez / Mexican National Team


Emiliano Martinez He earned the antipathy of a certain sector of the fans of the Mexican National Team because he insulted a Mexican fan who tried to give him a charro hat. The goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team rejected it, telling him that “he better give it to Memo Ochoa” or “put it in the ort*”.

Now it seems that karma would have reached ‘Dibu’, since at Aston Villa they would find a way out for him as soon as possible. According to, Unai Emery would not like the Argentine goalkeeper’s style, so they would look for another goalkeeper in the Transfer Market who agrees with his game plan.

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According to The Sun, Jordan Pickford would be in the crosshairs of Martínez’s team, so Everton would have to sell one of their best players thanks to their desire to hire a Mexican soccer player: Edson Álvarez. According to Record, Pickford’s team would be interested in buying him, however his price would not be cheap at all.

Álvarez would cause the departure of Dibu

Edson Álvarez is one of the main wishes of the Everton team. That is why the English team would seek to leave Pickford to have a goalkeeper who meets their expectations, in order to have enough money to hire the Mexican midfielder. For the moment, everything has remained in mere interest.

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