The risky photographs of Jessica Cediel with which she defies the restrictions of Instagram

Last Thursday, May 24, Jessica Cediel was presenting health problems. Although she initially assured that it was nothing serious and simply had flu symptoms, she finally had to go to the hospital, scaring more than one. The actress has her followers on social networks accustomed to knowing many details of her day to day. This time she was no exception and she told netizens that she had to go to a medical center for emergencies.

Through your Instagram stories Jessica Cediel He usually spends his time telling his fans about his personal and professional life. On the night of last Tuesday, the model and presenter commented that she felt bad, with a sore throat, but she assured that it was nothing serious. Later, she noted that she continued to have pain and asked her mother for advice on how to improve the condition.

Jessica Cediel posing. Source: Instagram Jessica Cediel.

“I was in a restaurant, having a normal dinner. In fact, I was very well and out of nowhere the blood came to me. She gave me a super crazy bleed, I had to run out of the bathroom, put ice and a cold cloth on my head, ”he said Cediel through the social network of the camera where it has more than 9 million followers.

Jessica Cediel He did not want to scare his fandom any more and warned Internet users that he had to go to the ER because he had three severe nosebleeds. “Nasal bleeding. Three bleeds in a row, heavy. But we are already in the clinic, under control, ”he wrote in one of the stories. Later, she warned her followers that she was already better, so they discharged her. “We just left, thank God everything is fine, everything is under control.”

Jessica Cediel posing. Source: Instagram Jessica Cediel.

Cediel recently showed that he is as good as ever and looks radiant. On Instagram, with four photos she raised the temperature in tight clothes that highlights her careful photo. Also, in one of the images she poses in a bathing suit.

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