the role he will play in The Machine and other candidates


He Royal Spain In 2024 the situation changes. The roster renewal leaves a good impression and the idea is that the team’s restructuring will be led by a sporting director.

The machine was in this position Costa Rican Javier “Sheriff” Delgado for two years from 2021 to 2023, when Aurinegros returned to the finals National League and were semi-finalists Concacaf LeagueHowever, the titles never came, pressure mounted and the coach resigned in October last year.

New loss: Real Spain expected this, but he terminated the contract and could now sign with Marathon.

Given the departure of orchestrator Tiko in the middle of the previous tournament, the Machine stated that the position was vacant, however this was not a problem since the president Elias Burbara and Uruguayan coach Miguel Falero They managed to sign seven contracts for Clausura 2024, four of them of foreign origin.

The position of Athletic Director is of paramount importance to a team if they are to lead a fruitful project, as it helps ease the hiring relationship and also serves as a bridge between staff and the board of directors. You need someone who is trustworthy, and what better person than a legendary figure in this piece.

Real Spain for foreign player: Honduran striker Brian Felix will be their player for 2024


TEN knew that he Royal Spain He has three options for signing a contract with his sporting director, and the main one is the name of his greatest idol. Carlos Alberto Pavon Plummerwho is about to work with his favorite team for the second time after a period of working as a technical assistant.

La Sombra will meet this week with the board of directors of Aurinegra to determine its membership in the Sampedrana organization, where he is pleased to work alongside its greatest figure, who previously worked as a coach in Life And Marathon.

The most iconic goalscorer of Honduran football has been in very close contact with Real Spain in recent weeks. In fact, this served as a motivator for the reserve team, which played in the final of the Reserve Tournament at the end of 2023.


He Royal Spain handle other options in case of return Carlos Pavon does not materialize. In fact, his resume has a good reputation, as is the case with the Mexican. Jose Enrique Vaca Pacheco.

The Aztec manager served as sporting director from 2017 to 2022 in the Gallos del Queretáro MX League. Two years earlier, he worked in the same sector with Atlanta, reaching two finals of the Mexican promotion.

In other works Enrique Vaca He was the general coordinator of the Mexican minor teams when Tricolor became the world under-17 champion and won gold at the Olympics. London, 2012. Previously, he was an assistant at Club America, where he was also the main forces coordinator.

The third name that Real España uses also belongs to a former player at home, famous Luis “Chamaco” Guifarro, who as a footballer has won 4 National League titles and currently runs his own football academy. In addition, he maintains relationships with foreign agents and has a university degree in business management.

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