the sad farewell of presenter Deborah James

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“In 2020, almost 10 million deaths were attributed to this disease, that is, one in six people died from this pathology,” the entity details on its website. However, studies reveal that assimilating it it is complex.

An example of this is the story of Deborah James, a podcast presenter from the United Kingdom who, through a heartfelt text, “said goodbye” to her followers, assuring that she can no longer bear the inclemency of bowel cancer, which has afflicted her since six years ago. According to the woman, this disease has diminished her mentally and physically in recent months, preventing her from optimally performing her daily tasks.

“The message I never wanted to write”was how the woman started her story on Instagram.

The presenter of Me and the Big Ca program on cancer issues that is broadcast on the BBC You channel, assured that she already feels exhausted from fighting the disease, although she is grateful for the love of her family in these moments of uncertainty and pain.

“We’ve tried everything, but my body just isn’t playing ball. My active care stopped and now I have been transferred to hospice care at homeWith my amazing family around me, the focus is to make sure I’m not in pain and spend time with them.”

She also explained that the last six months have been the most “heartbreaking” of all, making her even feel defeated.

“No one knows how much time I have left, but I can’t walk, I sleep most of the day. I know we have left no stone unturned. But even with all the innovative cancer drugs in the world or some magical new breakthrough, my body just can’t keep up.”, he expressed.

For her, the most difficult part of writing this text is, precisely, to see how her “rebellious hope” begins to be more “obedient” to reality, and what used to be just a horrible nightmare (like thinking about one last Christmas, not being able to turn 40 or not seeing their children grow up), could be fulfilled.

“I think it has been the rebellious hope in me. But I reflect that no one can say that the last 6 months have been exactly kind! It is heartbreaking to be going through this, but I am surrounded by so much love that if there is something that can help me, I hope so, ”she added.

However, for women, despair has to become an illusion, so, although for her it is almost a fact that her death is near, it is best to see life with new eyes, trying to enjoy the time of lucidity and movement that still remains.

“Right now for me it’s about taking one day at a time, one step at a time, and being thankful for another sunrise. My whole family is around me and we will dance together, sunbathing and laughing (I will cry!) at every possible moment! You are all amazing, thank you for playing your part in my journey. Without regrets. Enjoy life. Deborah”, is the message of the woman on Instagram.

It should be remembered that a fund called Bowelbabe, which is the same name as her Instagram account, will be created in honor of her, in which people can donate time and money to contribute to medical research against specific cases of cancer.

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