The sad reason for Kate Winslet’s absence from the film premiere

Kate Winslet, Rose’s translator in Titanic, attended the film’s world premiere in December 1997 in Los Angeles. This is the contrainte de returner en Angleterre to assist with the burial of former sons and comrades who were tragically shot at the age of 34.

Titanic: Kate Winslet did not attend the film premiere

On December 14, 1997, the world of cinema is in a boil: on this day, in fact, James Cameron presents the part of the star’s son. Titanichosts the world premiere in Los Angeles. A great story debutswhich means not only the world of cinema, but also popular world culture.

The film has no box office records because the long-form premiere passes through the symbolic billion-dollar mark, but it is également remporté une pluie de recompenses. Additional Oscar 1998, Titanic I dominated the ceremony with 14 nominations. and I reported 11 figurineségalant le Record detenu par Ben Hur (later also égalé par Return of Roya).

The original group, as well as the chanson “My Heart Will Go On” performed by Celine Dion, becomes a successful planeter, which greatly contributes to the enormous popularity of the film. Titanic Today the film is the most watched of all time in France, with more than 21 million viewers.

And also that the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles was a great celebration for the whole team, the absence of a tail and one more note: Kate Winslet’s cage, Rose’s interpreter.

Sad reason

If Kate Winslet had not attended the film’s world premiere Titanic In Los Angeles, it’s the choice of an assistant for an event plus a tragedy during the meme period: the burial of the son of former comrade Stephen Tredre in Angleterre. I shot after cancer, at 34 years old..

If the producers of James Cameron’s film insisted that the comedienne be present at the premiere, they would have preferred to pay their final respects to the skies that were left in the past, plus four years ago. In 1999, one artist reported in The Guardian about the proceeds of the tragic event and the pressure the studio felt:

Quelqu’un avec qui j’avais passé four ans et demi de ma vie venait juste de mourir, et ce qui me dérangeait, c’était que les gens puissent même envisager… Ils me parlaient, disant des chooses comme ‘Ecoute, he understands that this is doit être vraiment difficile pour toi’ and puis ils enchaînaient avec, ‘mais tu ne penses pas que Stephen aurait voulu ça?’ (…) Non, il n’aurait pas voulu ça, bon sang. Stephen told me I was buried son and I’m shining.” I was shocked by this (…)

avait ainsi said Kate Winslet.

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