The same banner that 20 years ago returns to the doors of the plenary session: ‘Faculty of Medicine’



Twenty years ago, in the municipal plenary session of the León City Council, a demanding banner could be seen: ‘Faculty of Medicine. University Hospital’.

Two decades later the same banner has returned to the doors of the municipal plenary session. He has done it with the same protagonists, with the same claim, “and we hope that now with better results.”

‘No’ to enter the plenary hall

On this occasion, yes, the banner has not been able to access the plenary hall. Something that those responsible for it have lamented: “We have never been problematic, quite the opposite. We do not understand that you cannot be inside when 20 years ago we were for the same reason without problems. We don’t understand it, but we abide by it.”

The protagonists

On one side of the banner, a history of the Leonese vindication, Félix Pérez Echevarría ‘Cheva’, and on the other, a good travel companion for the vindication, Paco León. Both agree: «The Faculty of Medicine was an emergency for León 20 years ago, and today it continues to be more so. It is a shame what the political class does with León.

«At the moment here we are with the banner. And to continue. During these years I have had it at home, hoping that I would not have to take it out again. But you can see that in this León, good news… few… », assures ‘Cheva’.

“Tibia, fibula…”

After being seen with the banner at the very doors of the plenary session, both have decided to move to the antechamber of the municipal building. And there, with the collaboration of Francisco Rodríguez, they have continued to claim Medicine for León, “and for the people of León.”

At that time, the banner was joined by a classic of their claim. And between screams it has been possible to hear: «Tibia, fibula, uterus, vagina, Faculty of Medicine».

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