The secret of longevity is in the 100-year vitamin

In recent years, experts have continued to emphasize the need to maintain consistently good levels of vitamin D, a key mineral for longevity, bone health, immune system and mood.

“In addition, it has been observed that vitamin D has its own hormonal system that acts in different systems to facilitate, modulate, block or inhibit certain physiological processes,” explained Alberto Cramer, a physician specializing in family and community medicine and member of the Society Spanish primary care doctors (SEMERGEN) in an interview HuffPost.

According to most experts, to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, sun exposure and a balanced diet with an emphasis on foods rich in the vitamin are sufficient. This includes fatty fish such as tuna or salmon, yogurt, cheese, butter or eggs.

Of course, according to Kramer, sun protection is more recommended and effective: “It is estimated that approximately 15 to 20 minutes of direct sun exposure from March to October will be more than enough to obtain normal levels of this vitamin.”

These recommendations generally apply to healthy people, but in some specific cases it is advisable to take vitamin D supplements, but always under the supervision of a professional, since an overdose of this vitamin can have negative consequences.

“I always recommend doing a test, looking at it, and if there are deficiencies, then it is advisable to take vitamin D,” explained nutritionist Karen de Isidro. HuffPost in a report in which he warned that vitamin D can accumulate when consumed in excess.

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