The series Un Jour de Netflix, so as not to avoid a new ending

Endday, a Netflix series, is faithful to the book. But the showrunners hesitate for a long time. As for the final scene, there are two scenes in the rounds, but one continuation of the surviving one.

After the film with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, David Nicholls’ famous book gets a new film adaptation: a TV series day is on Netflix after February 8, 2024. This is a successful criticism, as well as getting into the top 10 of the platform.

The series is a superb adaptation of the deepest themes of Nichols’ novel… just a very poignant feeling. This is dernière afailli être différente, de bien des façons. Spoiler alert: according to your advice from the beginning of the series before continuing.

Link the text to the coupe for the final scene.

David Nicholls’s novel is the tabloid name of lecturers and Australian lecturers for the latest tragedy: Emma is gone. This final uppercut is retained in the Netflix series. Showrunner Nicole Taylor admits to The Wrap that it’s impossible to make a decision if you’re easily attached to it. ” Je ne voulais pas lui faire ça parce que je l’aime, et le public ne le veut pas (non plus). All ceux qui ont lu le livre se souvienent de ce qu’ils ont ressenti lorsque cela s’est produit. About sending a book to a fenet. »

But Nicole Taylor is a vite pris conscience, where a happy ending risks denaturing the work. ” I thought about other fins, but this is the best fundamental integrity of the ensemble of creativity. History is something that is connected to its own holistic thematic structure. I am impressed that I feel the global demand for creativity, and I feel the feeling that modifies everything, like a causeless and useless impact on global creativity. (…) “, explique-t-elle, ajoutant qu’elle estime tout de même qu’il était ” pleasant thoughts

Episode 14 served as an epilogue to Emma’s unequal history in Dexter’s life. Nicole Taylor points out “avoid the past” many times » Song in this episode. In general, this film has two final scenes at the tournament. When he can watch Netflix, Dexter is happy to silently walk down Arthur’s Seat Hill, where he is reunited with his daughter Jasmine.

“You were the whole story”

In another version, toured by the team of the series, Dexter – souvient du moment qu’ils ont passé ensemble dans ce Lieu – dans l’episode 1. Puis il déclare, en re la colline: “You were the whole story” (“Tu étais toute l ‘histoire’), in response to ce qu’Emma lui a dit durant cet épisode: ‘I don’t want to be a footnote in the story of your life’ (‘Je ne veux pas être une note de bas de page dans l’histoire de ta vie”).

Dexter and his girlfriend Jasmine.  // Source: NetflixDexter and his girlfriend Jasmine.  // Source: Netflix
Dexter and his girlfriend Jasmine. // Source: Netflix

This phrase n’a donc Finalement pas été gardée. Even more questions, silence plus power. Dexter’s translator Leo Woodall is almost completely satisfied with this ending: ” Sometimes, due to the fact that this girl is excellent at this moment. He says that it happens in deuil et qu’elle (Emma) with Louis Manquera, but most of all it is what seems like a difficult phase. Il repris sa vie en main et il va aller de l’avant, du mieux qu’il peut. »

The series The series

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