The sex scene between Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman outraged Internet users, an intimate coordinator

“Miller’s Girl”: Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman’s sex scene shocks the Internet, the current intimacy coordinator. © 2023 Lionsgate/Zach Popik

After the sudden removal of her co-star Melissa Barrera’s Scream saga, and with Jenna Ortega enjoying her performance in the second installment of the landmark film Beetlejuice, Jenna Ortega continues her rise in cinema. The 21-year-old young woman is depicted on the poster of the film “Miller’s Girl”, dismantled on January 26, 2024 at Etats-Unis (and which was not scrapped on the French sortie date, editor’s note).

Comedian actress and part of the Martin Freeman poster, and the incarnation of Caira Sweet, a talented student who is at heart the charming son of a professor, écrivain rate reconverti dans l’enseignement.

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Student and teacher, classic image

L’histoire n’a rien de très original: le trope de l’étudiante qui tombe amoureuse de son professeur est omnipresent in pop culture, même s’il est de plus en plus dénonce. Essentially, a person’s good name makes it possible to romanticize abusive relationships and courtship of a person in the service of power.

In fact, the differences between actresses and actors in tournaments are a plus and plus extra points. And “Miller’s Girl” is no exception. Sur Internet users have scenes “dérangeante”, “choquante”, voire “dégoûtante”.

Clarifications from the Privacy Coordinator

Practice plus and plus chime to protect actors and actresses, the production of “Miller’s Girl” remains the coordinator of intimate tournaments. Cristina Arjona, interviewed by the Daily Mail, confirms: Jenna Ortega is a consultant on all stages of the creation of this scene to convince her of this. “Three people who have been in this process for a long time have been involved in (Jenna’s) process to ensure that they live up to what she knows, and she is very determined and very confident that she is vulait faire,” confirms- t-elle.

Elle précial: “The participation of my work consists of supporting these decisions. I have to adapt to the comfort level of my actors, staying in the production both in the cage and in the big vehicle between the actors.” I am very aware of my two talents and I must ensure that our tests are constant and that there comes a point when limits and restrictions are set. Qu’elle Donne Son Consentement Continue.”

A specialist in precise action, to show scenes of simultaneous sex, two actors who are Muniz de Sous Vetments, and protection to ensure that an “appropriate distance” must be maintained. Et bien entendu, que les two actors can be detained at a moment when they do not know what to do.

Various scenes are tested in front of an audience

Autre facteur à prendre en compte: voluntary production of a non-shocking audience in a brutal sex scene. Pour ce faire, plusieurs options ont été Tournées et presentées à un public test: “For this film in particular, due to the sensitivity of the content, ils ont eu différentes de la façon dont ils voulaient Tourner ces ces scènes afin que le public puisse” Les considers projection tests to see what the trope is.”

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