The smartwatch used by the Three Wise Men costs only 150 euros in this offer.

These are the Pro smartwatches that our readers have most recommended and purchased over the past year.

The smartwatch used by the Three Wise Men costs only 150 euros in this offer.
The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is comparable to other watches over 300 euros from companies such as Garmin.

You want powerful smart watch like the Apple Watch, but with a bigger screen, more versatility and compatibility? Well he Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is your next purchasewell, it sells on Amazon for 149.99 euros by applying 50 euro discount coupon. Or you can buy it for around 135 euros on AliExpress, while stocks last.

This is one of the best smartwatches on the market today, and therefore it is very likely that this is one of the ones that the Three Wise Men of the East used to travel the skies on this Night of the Three Kings. Get it and feel like a real wizard king in your adventures on the field, in training or in everyday life. This is one of the best watches in the Xiaomi/Amazfit catalog.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Buy the Three Wise Men watch for less than 150 euros.

Sleep data on Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

You will be able to get accurate data even about the quality of your sleep every night.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a smartwatch that combines design, functionality and performance. It is the ideal companion for athletes who want to track their physical activity, health and well-being in detail. WITH 1.45-inch Amoled screen, long-lasting battery (about 12 days) and Zepp OS operating system, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro offers smooth user experience.

Among its main characteristics are more than 150 sports modes that adapt to different types of exercise: from running, swimming or cycling to yoga, golf or skiing. Watch records data accurately of each workout, such as distance, pace or cadence, calories burned, heart rate, blood oxygen level, or stress level. He also has barometric altimeter, measuring altitude and pressure air, making it ideal for mountain sports.

Alexa on Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

You’ll have Alexa, your personal assistant, on your wrist.

But Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a smartwatch not only for athletes, but also for adventure seekers. Compatible with 5 satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and QZSS), the watch provides accurate route and location tracking. This way, the user can explore new places without getting lost or easily return to the starting point. In addition, the watch has built-in speaker and microphoneallowing you to make and receive calls via Bluetooth without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is without a doubt a smartwatch that has it all. So much so that this could be the smartwatch that the Three Wise Men will use focus on the evening of gift giving. With a digital compass, high-definition screen and water and dust resistance, the watch will help them find the fastest and safest way to reach each home. Moreover, with his music storage and camera remote controlThe Three Magi were able to enliven their journey with their favorite songs and capture the best moments of their magical mission.

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