The smoky trend started by Hailey Bieber is very glamorous for those who embrace it.

Goodbye smoky eyes, Today, the rugs are put on the back burner, lying in place of the ombre that was donated in the 90s. A retro trend, an updated surface, amplified by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Doja Cat, that haunts a new youthful look. Although adapted to the hive, this trend promotes etincelante touch and touch up your makeup. A trend that evokes nostalgia for The years of the 90s and modern rafraiscissante. So, ready to embrace this trend that has pets looking for a winter remedy?

Le Retour de l’Ombre Givrée:

Pour adeptes du nouveau millénaire, qui auraient manqué l’engoument first, this ombre Se concentre sur des teintes froides telles que le lavande, le lilac, le bleu glacial, la menthe, l’argent et le rose pale, le tout dans des finitions métalliques givrées. 90s icons say Christina Aguilera, Britney and Brandy contributed to popularizing this trend, which is making a huge comeback after a break.

La Lumiere Givret:

Fare Trend 2024 : Il est logique que notre obsession pour tout ce qui brille s’étende à nos paupières. Un peau éthérée et radieuse sera à l’honneur in 2024, et l’ombre givrée s’associe parfaitement in this trend. It fits into the “chill girl” look that’s on trend this winter, with a light pink color and a powpierre reminiscent of a trip to the ski slopes. Cultural moments that euphoria continues equally d’influencer notre maquillage, with a three-year confirmed season. The new series of names refers to the overlay of pastel eclas and sequins on paupiers.

A trend that’s easy to embrace:

In terms of trends, Celle-ci is easy to navigate. It’s funny, minion-like, and offers the most portable ways to apply makeup while also being personalized and fun. For a modern garden, it’s a combination of textures to keep things low-touch. Great foundation – parfaitement avec des. tons of metals given to the needs of the poor. Ou, associez-la avec des bridal lèvres et une peau au fini doux-mat. Stop applying too much mascara to maintain crisp, defined lines.

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