The son and husband of the former director of Miss Nicaragua have been expelled from Nicaragua

Martin Arguello and Bernardo Arguello Celebrati, Karen Celebrati’s husband and son, were expelled from Nicaragua on January 7, 2024. The regime of Daniel Ortega released him from prison this Saturday, January 6, and gave him 48 hours to leave the country.

They left for Mexico this January 7 on Nicaraguan flight AM 651, which took off this Sunday afternoon. After being released, he spent the last night at the home of his mother and wife, Karen Cellerti, respectively, who had been exiled by the Nicaraguan dictatorship.

in the program Who can sit? Univision announced on December 12, 2023 that she would be released under the condition that Celebrity transferred the rights to the Miss Nicaragua franchise to one of the dictatorial couple’s daughters-in-law.

Additionally, the agreement also includes that Miss Universe 2023 winner Shanice Palacios will return to Nicaragua under strict regime control to visit her family. This was agreed upon when Miss Universe refused to allow Palacios to speak in favor of the dictatorship.

“The Nicaraguan regime, during this entire time, the only thing that was asking of Miss Universe Nicaragua and the director was that Miss Universe (Sheenis Palacios) speak out in favor and in support of the regime, which is what it has always been.” On the contrary. This season. Obviously Miss Universe Nicaragua did not, under any circumstances,” he commented on the international event.

The former director of Miss Nicaragua with her son Bernardo Arguello, former political prisoner of the Daniel Ortega regime/Retrieved from the network

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New director of Miss Nicaragua

He also said on the program, “The agreement they have reached is that the Karen (celebrity) will give the Miss Nicaragua pageant to the current daughter-in-law of the president of that regime.” Although the Univision Network program does not reveal the name of the daughter-in-law, there are indications that it could be Xiomara Blandino, Miss Nicaragua 2007 and wife of Juan Carlos Ortega Murillo. Blandino has been mentioned in official media as a possible successor to Celebrity.

Martin Arguello, Karen CelebrityMartin Arguello, Karen Celebrity
Martín Argüello is the son of Roberto Argüello Hurtado (RIP), who was President of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ). Retrieved from La Prensa/Facebook

After Palacios became Miss Universe, the celebrity’s family was kidnapped by police officers in the service of the Ortega regime, and Nicaraguans took to the streets to celebrate. However, discussions about the crisis the country is going through started again on social networks since April 2018.

remove a head of government from the country

In February 2023, Ortega and Murillo broke 222 political prisoners out of the regime’s prisons and deported them to the United States, then denationalized them and stripped them of their property. He also sent 12 priests he had captured to the Vatican.

According to the Mechanism for the Identification of Political Prisoners, the regime held more than 91 political prisoners, not counting more than 10 priests and religious who were arbitrarily detained in recent weeks.

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