The Spanish vaccine against COVID already has a date

The first Spanish vaccine against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is getting closer. A step. Now it only remains for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of its approval to go on sale from next June. the minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, this has been recently confirmed. Morant has pointed out that “he has a very good pace”, and has marked the June for launch.

It will be the one of hiprathe most advanced among those developed in Spain and which, according to the minister, will be “the best” on the market. The rehearsals are in their last phase, close to finishing. Once they are finished, the results will be transferred to the EMA, so that it can issue their validity if they are positive. “If you approve it, we would be in a position to market it in june“.

Safer and more efficient

The first vaccines against COVID-19 arrived just over a year agoso some have seen something outdated in the face of the advance of the pandemic and later variants of the virus. Meanwhile, the clinical and preclinical results of Hipra are “very good”, with a greater safety and better immune responseboth in a general way and to the most recent variants such as Ómicron.

“It is better than the vaccines that we have inoculated ourselves”, celebrates the head minister of the Science portfolio. One of her strengths is that it does not need to be frozen, so it helps its logistics. It is a recombinant protein vaccine, with the possibility of being adapted based on new variants, Morant pointed out.

“It’s a success public-private collaboration between research and industrial production“, assures Diana Morant. The minister visited this weekend the Chamartín campus of the Carlos III Health Institutein which he met with the heads of the Neuro-oncology Unit of the Functional Unit for Research in Chronic Diseases (UFIEC) of the ISCIII.

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