The state already owns a 10% stake in Telefónica through SEPI.

Archive image of the Stock Market panel with Ibex 35 values, including Telefónica values.Europe Press

The State Company for Industrial Participation (SEPI), a structure dependent on the Ministry of Finance, has reached 10% of Telefónica’s share capital and fulfilled the government mandate handed down at the end of last year, according to a statement. .

In particular, SEPI has acquired a total of 567,016,155 shares With average price 4.0295 euros per share, The transaction amount therefore amounts to almost 2,285 million euros, although to this shareholding we must add the 541 securities that SEPI already had in its portfolio, bringing the total to 567,016,696.

“The operation was carried out to minimize the impact on the price and in accordance with the communications of large holdings established in the rules of the markets in which they operate,” the public organization clarified.

Telefónica is one of the largest companies in the country., a leader in the telecommunications sector and a key player in other strategic areas. The company is critical due to its industrial capabilities and areas of expertise as it develops activities related to the economy and industrial structure, including those related to security and defense,” he added.

SEPI’s participation in Telefonica’s capital therefore has a “commitment to permanence” and is aimed at providing “greater shareholder stability” for the company to achieve its objectives, while helping to “protect its strategic opportunities,” SEPI said. .

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