The story of Tellum, the agency created by Peron that privatized Frondizi and Miley, wants to close it down. The photos that mark the national news agency

in one fell swoop. Xavier Miley’s government Thus proceeded on the national news agency Telam. After covering almost 80 years of history, the newsroom at 500 Bolivar Street was closed and all workers were relieved of their activities. Key witnesses to recent history, his cables and photographs were vital to Argentine journalism over the past eight decades. From Peron to MileyHow was he born, what day was he born Menem promised to stop it And the adjustment plan that Macri wanted to implement but faced resistance in justice.

TELAM was established on April 15, 1945 by the then Secretary of Labor and Social Security Juan domingo peron. In that embryonic moment, it was baptized.”American Telenews”. It was reported at the time that the purpose of the creation of a national news agency was to end the information hegemony of foreign agencies. United Press International (UPI) and associated Press (AP), both based in the United States.

Two years later, in 1947, the editorial office moved to its first headquarters at Esmeralda 433 in downtown Buenos Aires, where the Maipo Theater currently operates. As a curiosity, journalist They reported the news on the blackboard facing the road, We did not have to wait long for the first attack against the news agency. 10 years after its creation, the so-called “liberating revolution“, a coup promoted by Eduardo Lonardi and pedro eugenio AramburuJeopardized its continuity.

The coup subordinated the mixed capital company to the Air Force. At the same time, some of the newsroom’s most important journalists were forced into exile. Despite these attacks, Telam continued to operateHowever, the number of correspondents is small.

With the following democratic government – ​​in terms of banning the main political party, Peronism – in the hands of Arturo FrondiziFrom UCR, arrived first privatization attack of Telam, which was transformed into “Telam Public Limited, Journalistic, Radio, Cinematographic, Commercial, Real Estate and Financial Company”.

After the fall of Frondizi, with a new military coup jose maria guido At the front, arrived in 1953 closing of tailam It is considered, “the dissemination of false and biased information which, by its nature and scope, threatens public order and the peace of the population.”

This was the government of Juan Carlos, both military and real Onganiya Which, on June 24, 1968, ordered the agency to be nationalized and placed under the orbit of the Ministry of Extension and Tourism.

Meanwhile, the agency continued its informational tasks and, for example, charted a massive student, worker and union mobilization against the dictatorship in the province of Cordoba, later called “Cordobazo”.

Agustín Tosco – from the classist left – Elpidio Torres (SMATA) and Atilio López (UTA) – both of Peronist origin – agreed to carry out a plan to fight against the Onganía dictatorship. / photo archive

Meanwhile, the 1970s were as tumultuous for the news agency as the previous two decades. Between 1975 and 1978, Triple A and the civil-military dictatorship three laborers missing: Alejandro Martín Almeida (6/17/1975), Héctor Jesus Ferreiros (3/30/1977) and Celica Aleida Gómez Rosano (1/30/1978).

With the process initiated during Onganya’s administration, the 1976 military government used the agency as a publicity arm of their management, The agency’s activity also left its mark during these years, as seen in its coverage of the Malvinas War, with Telam’s messengers among the troops.

Some images from the Tellum collection about the war in the Malvinas were retrieved years ago. In 2022, the agency made public an exclusive document containing more than 2,200 images – many of them never published – that show key moments of the war, but also what life was like for the soldiers in the trenches and the islanders. Was.

In any case, despite a long period of work, in 1983, already with the government of Raúl Alfonsín and once democracy was restored, the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael was condemned VidelaRoberto Eduardo violaleopoldo fortunato Galtieri and renaldo Bignon A significant part of the journalistic and photographic collections were destroyed. Nevertheless, a period of peace would not come to democracy in Telangana: in 1984, private agencies publicly requested the President to close the national agency.

Agosti, Videla and Masera, members of the Military Junta/Telam

Although Alfonsín refused the request, it was his successor who was hit in the series of attacks, Carlos Menem, -Statue of current President Xavier Miley- who gave the order in 1992 company interference and after two years his agreement, Could not. In this effort, radicals in 2000 Fernando De La Rua He tried to shut down Telam again, but failed due to the resistance and struggle of agency workers who had left the iconic photographs bringing about the collapse of the La Alianza government.

De la Rúa’s repression and downfall illustrated by Fernando Gens/Telem

Three years later, in 2003, Tellum launched its first website, which did not stop working until the last attack of the Javier Miley government, where any type of website was deactivated overnight this Monday, March 4. Access to national news portals and platforms where cables, photographs, infographics and special publications are updated.

The following years were widespread growth For the news agency, which expanded its exchanges with the world’s leading news agencies, including AFP (France), XINHUA (China), Reuters (England), EFE (Spain), DPA (Germany), ITAR-TASS (Russia ) and Yonhap (Korea) and created an audiovisual sector.

This entire development process ended on 5 June 2014 with the then President Christina Kirchner inaugurated the building belgrano 347, Where a large part of the Telam journalism sector operates. Additionally, he also joined reporters chili And uruguay new in brazil And Venezuela,

Media around the world broadcast the news of mass layoffs at the news agency.

Telam’s years of prosperity came to an abrupt end when the new neoliberal government came to power mauricio macriOn 26 June 2018, launched a general restructuring plan and 357 employees were fired from their jobs From the agency. After workers planned a strike, Justice eventually reversed those layoffs and all employees were reinstated.

Now, Miley wants to give it the final blow with the argument of reducing public spending. The president’s main advisers, such as spokesman Manuel Adorni or Buenos Aires legislator Ramiro Marra, celebrated the closure and dismissal of more than 700 workers. News, because it could not be otherwise, It was the cover of portals around the world.


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