The surprising connection between Lali Espósito, Madonna and Lady Gaga: what do they have in common?

Lali Esposito He has become one of the main figures of national music. She even made history by becoming the first Argentine artist to manage to fill a Velez Stadium. In addition, their live performances as part of the “Discipline Tour” have generated that they come to compare it with international figures such as Madonna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

However, beyond the comparisons, it is true that Lali Esposito has something in common with these colleagues. He is the creator of iconic spiked helmet which he wore during the photo shoot to promote the “Disciplina Tour”, which he later tattooed on one of his arms.

Lali Espósito went through the Villa María Festival and paid tribute to ‘El Potro’ Rodrigo Photo: Instagram

Lali’s headdress was created by the Spanish Cecilio Castrillowho has also worked with figures such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, among other international music figures.

For the queen of pop, she created an accessory for the halftime show at the super bowl 2012. Also for presentations at the Grammy Awards and Brit Awards. While for Lady Gaga she made a mask that she wore at the 2020 MTV Awards and Chromatica album cover.

Lali Esposito’s tattoo in honor of the “Disciplina Tour”

Lali Esposito He decided to immortalize his new musical stage that marked a before and after in his career. The design chosen to be engraved on her skin is the mythical steel helmet, with spikes, that she used in the photo session to promote the “Discipline Tour”.

Lali Esposito showed her new tattoo

Tattoomon was the artist in charge of tattooing the “Diva”. It is worth remembering that Lali already has the floor “Am”, the name of his second album, inked on the same arm. Now he added another memory of her successful musical career.

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