The suspect in the acid attack on a woman and her daughters in London has previous convictions for sexual offenses

British police continue the search for political asylum seeker Adbul Shakur Ezedi, who fled on foot for several years

British police this Friday continued the search for Adbul Shakur Ezedi, who is suspected of carrying out an acid attack on a woman and her two daughters in London, who it has been revealed has previous convictions for sexual offences. Already happened.

The London Metropolitan Police (Met, or Scotland Yard) on Thursday released a photo of a 35-year-old man seen with a water bottle at a supermarket in north London on Wednesday night. This attack was carried out in the southern area of ​​Clapham.

The British public broadcaster BBC reported today that the suspect He arrived in the UK from Afghanistan in 2016 and was convicted of a sex offense in 2018.For which he received a punishment which also included voluntary work.

When he completed this in 2020, he requested political asylum and obtained it in 2021 or 2022 after two unsuccessful attempts, by declaring that he had converted to Christianity and therefore his deportation posed a threat to his life. Has done, notes the BBC.

In the image released, obtained from a security camera, the suspect, who the Met believes came from the northern city of Newcastle and was known to the victims, has a serious wound to his right eye and cheek.

The 31-year-old woman and her two daughters, aged 8 and 3, are in the hospital. After exposure to corrosive alkaline substances. Although their condition is stable, officials indicated that the mother and the minor may face lifelong consequences.

After throwing acid on them, the suspect tried to escape in his car, but after hitting a parked vehicle, He ran away on foot.

Nine people, including two children, injured in acid attack in South London

They resulted in attacks Twelve other people injured, Many police officers were also involved, who intervened in the incident, but no one took it seriously.

The Meteorological Department is cooperating with other government agencies to trace the attacker. Considered “dangerous”and asks that any citizen with information contact authorities and not contact them.

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