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Historical sanction in grassroots football in Madrid. The cadet category match between Olimpico de Parla and CD Arancetano took place last week at the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium in Parla. It all ended in a fight and an attack on the referee by a player from the local team. The incidents were immediately reported and the Madrid Football Federation’s decision was announced today.

Parla Olympic and its players are the ones who will bear the main punishment considering them the main culprits for everything that happened, especially at the end of the match. Depending on the incident, up to four players were punished. DNK and ABB players received disqualifications for 8 and 13 matches for humiliation, shaking and attacks on players of the other team.

However, the worst part goes to his two comrades. In particular, two cadets answering the initials MEA and OEM, who were given punishments of 151 and 71 match sanctions respectively by the Madrid Federation.. In their cases, they were punished for allegedly assaulting, coercing and pushing the judge, who was also a minor. The club president was also suspended for a year and the team was expelled from the competition.

During the meeting, The referee sent off up to four players (three from the local team and one from the guest). After that, when the referee was already in the locker room, three Parla Olympic football players entered the room to push and hit him.only two sanctioned ones are recognized. “I sat locked up and cried, I couldn’t talk to him.“He only asked me for the coach’s code to close the record through the crack,” coach CD Arancetano explained at the time.

The local team faced the match in second place in the standings. with the pressure of doing homework against a midfield team. And that tension increased after the visitors scored two goals in the first leg, until it exploded when the match referee sent off some of Parla’s Olympic players.

The RFFM assured that there were three perpetrators of the attack Xhose Abdel Ouardi, president of Parla’s Olympic team, confirmed to Relevo that only one of them was the one who attacked Xhosa: “The boy says he kicked the door, but the referee in his report says he hit him. Only him. He was accompanied by two other boys, but only he beats him. “He’s already been expelled from the club.”– he commented a few days ago.

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