The threats from the Chavista collectives failed to prevent the march of Venezuelan teachers for fair wages: “Fear has changed the sidewalk”

For days the educators have organized protests with songs, slogans and messages

The “collective” OMDERan armed shock gang in defense of the revolution, caused surprise and outrage when it threatened to take action against the teacherson the eve of the educators’ march, whose national day was celebrated on Sunday, but which was called for a day of protests on Monday, January 16.

There were many answers, one of them was given by the professed Elsa Castilloa kind of Creole heroine, who called on the UN to verify that the Government “is giving play to its charges to make threats, as they did in Aragua and threatened that it would be their conduct throughout the country, emphasizing that not afraid, because “fear has changed sidewalk a while agois on the sidewalk of the oppressors and those who violate the Law.

In many cities and towns in all states of the country, educators went out to marchaccompanied in some places by workers of the medical sector, workermembers of social groupingsdefenders of human rights, political and popular leaders. Mass demonstrations have not been seen in the country for years. For days, educators have been demanding fair wages to return to the classrooms; various sectors of the country accompany them with flags, songs, slogans.

Once again the government party has used its “collective” armed groups to sow fear, trying to inhibit the protesters from leaving, but the teacher’s claim has made a deep impression on the community, not only at school, but at the secondary and university level. They also joined doctors, nurses, engineers, workers from various areas. all claim improvement in wages in the face of brutal inflation that pulverizes any salary and has destroyed the Venezuelan currency, for which they demand that they be paid in foreign currency.

Shots were fired in some places, but thousands of protesters filled the streets of the country

The colective’ Organization of Motorists Dependent on the Regional Executive (OMDER)who presides Dionysus Salinas alias manaubecame known in February 2012 when he appeared armed and with the group attacked students from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) who were protesting in rejection of the police repression against protesters where a student was run over to death.

In the video, broadcast on Saturday, January 14, 2023, Salinas is shown in a video surrounded by a large number of men dressed in black, warning the teachers that he is sending a message “to these people who have passed it to them, since the year, on the street asking for a salary increase. as the president said Ripe, there is no budget for salary increasebe aware.”

He added that “the groups are calm, we are looking at Y monitoringWhen it’s time to go out we don’t want to be loud, because the streets belong to the town. We want our children to be in their school, in their high school; claim what needs to be claimed, in writing. Don’t let yourself be manipulated because things could go wrong for you,” Salinas said.

The Omder collective threatens teachers and receives benefits from the Aragua government

It is important to note that in videos that he released AnonymousVenezuelaand which were published a long time ago on the social networks of the head of said “collective” OMDER, Salinas is seen making visible what he calls his “office” a place, inside which hang photographs of Hugo Chavez and of Nicolas Maduro. In another more recent video, the Super Mustache and Cilita toys that were given by the Government as Christmas gifts last December are seen hanging.

It is evident, from what Salinas recounts in his videos, that the “collective” receives government benefitseven food bagsfor which they thank the governor of Aragua state, Abog. Karina Isabel Carpio Bejarano and the Division General orlando rodriguezSecretary of Agrifood of the state of Aragua.

GD Orlando Rodríguez and Governor Karina Carpio.png
GD Orlando Rodríguez and Governor Karina Carpio.png

The “collective” They are shock groups or armed gangs, financed by the national or regional governments, which are used to threaten those who carry out protest actions against public policies. The actions of those groups that have caused fearinjured and even deadwithout there being legal actions because they are endorsed by the Bolivarian revolution.

Although the “collective” groups have caused terror in the country, yesterday the educators came out to protest in a massive way in all the country. The crisis that the main opposition parties and leaders are experiencing seems to have stimulated the protest actions, which were led by hundreds of local, municipal, regional or sectoral leaders in the country.

Professor Elsa Castillo in response to the threat from the collective

The answer to the “collective” was given by the teacher Elsa Castilloa brave teacher, who has become an inspiration for teachers throughout the country, and who warned the Venezuelan regime “of what their dogs, or rather, their groups, can do against any Venezuelan citizen. Their threats do not intimidate us; it’s been a while since fear has changed sidewalkfear is no longer found on this sidewalk of struggle, it is found on the sidewalk of the oppressors, on the sidewalk of those who violate the Law”.

He appealed to the United Nations (UN) “so that it sends its officials and they verify that indeed here, since the Government cannot repress us through traditional channels, it is giving play to its raters so that they make threats, even through social networks, as they did in Aragua, threatening that this was going to be his conduct throughout the country.”

He asked Nicolas Maduro to leave to solve the nation’s problems. Look Maduro, I’m sorry, it’s not my fault, well: whoever appointed you to that position probably believed that you were qualified for that, but they have to admit that the position was immensely big for you,” Castillo said to applause from hundreds of teachers who surrounded her in the demonstration that took place in various cities of the country.

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