“The Three Musketeers”, “Concord”, etc.: representative of Brittany within the framework of Cesar du cinema.

The film adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s great literary work “The Three Musketeers” was a great success and attracted more than 5.8 million viewers in France. It is named in six categories: Original Music, Son, Photography, Costumes, Decor and Visual Effects. Two films on these tours take place partly in Brittany: in Saint-Malo (35), in Fort Lalatte, in Plevenon (22), on the beach of Plouha (22) and at sea, on the great Breton coast, on the edge of the frigate Malouin L’Etoile du Roy.

  • 2 “Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens” by Alain Ughetto

  • The name “Cesar of the best animated film”, “Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens”, is registered in Australia, France has achieved public success in forays in January 2023. Il est coproduit par la société Rennaise Vivement Lundi!, qui This is the origin of the puppets, costumes and sets.

    “Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens” by Alain Ughetto.
    “Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens” by Alain Ughetto. (Gebeka Films – Vivement Lundi!)
  • 3 “Ete 96” by Mathilde Bedouet

  • Named after Cesar for the best court animated film, Ete 96 combines poetry and intelligence with four techniques: drawing on paper, 2D computer, art prize and rotoscoping. This is the sixth nomination at the Court Meters Festival, an entry for the competition at the international festival in Clermont-Ferrand and great anticipation in Trouville, Douarnenez, Brest and Paris. “Eté 96” is co-produced by the Breton company Tita B Productions.

    “Ete 96” by Mathilde Bedouet. (Tita Bee Production)
  • 4 “Les Silencieux” by Basil Vuillemin

  • The name “Cesar of the best court master of fiction”, “Les Silencieux”, we go to the house in a closed house and cynically in the borde d’un chalutier en mer. This selection is a new exploration of the film, the posters of which were shown at festivals. It is co-produced by the French production company Blue Hours Films and will take this tour to the Saint-Alur galleries in Finistère.

    “The Three Musketeers”, “Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens”, “Eté 96” and “Les Silencieux” – all this was in Brittany cinema. Ils ont également took advantage of the financial assistance of the Brittany region in partnership with the CNC (National Center for Film and Anime). With more than 800 days of tournaments in 2023, Brittany will be represented by a large number of products and distributors, which will bring positive returns in terms of employment, economy, tourism and image.

    “Silence” by Basil Vuillemin. (@Blue Hours Films)
  • 5 “Consent” by Vanessa Filho

  • The poignant film “Concord”, created in collaboration with the Breton company Windy Production and adapted from the book by Vanessa Springora, attracted more than 500,000 viewers. In this film, Vanessa Filho was nominated for Best Original Adaptation by Cesar and actress Kim Higelin for Best Female Reveal.

    “Consent” by Vanessa Filho.
    “Consent” by Vanessa Filho. (@Diafana)
  • 6 “Disco Boy” by Giacomo Abbruzzese

  • Named after Cesar’s best original music written by Vitalik, “Disco Boy” is a project of selected songs from the festival in action. The film is co-produced by the Breton company Films Grand Huit.

    Disco Boy
    Disco Boy” Giacomo Abbruzzese. (@KMBO)

    * Cérémonie des César, delivery on February 23, to Olympia and rebroadcast on channel +, at 21:00.

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