The Three People Who Influenced Fashion and Beauty the Most in 2023

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    Appellants Beyoncé, Margot Robbie or Pamela Anderson for an encore, and other parvenus who sizzle in some sense of fashion and beauty among my last days, figure among the celebrities and influencers of the past year. Whether it’s a movie outing, a phenomenal tournament, or a simple cliché while driving around the street, these people always talk about glasses and other comrades never until 2023.

    If trends appear en masse on social media, then no one thinks that people post information about what can be done in the viral world without popularizing it. Some people may be targeting the transformer to find out what touch is – or what is happening – in real mode phenomena. Such is the case with three celebrities who will be the first to learn about the history of fashion and beauty in their 2023 moments.

    Margot Robbie aka Barbie

    If you never find Barbie in dark rooms, then sometimes you will have a minimal idea about her. It is impossible to ignore this phenomenon, intended for the long term plus a profitable year, which is a tradition in fashion from the deferred rose belonging to the movie star, Margot Robbie. Non contente de s’être is exhibited in the shadows of exceptions, in the most beautiful clothes from Chanel, in the avant-garde premieres of the comedy of the famous Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie in brilliant glitter on red tones mode foule d’événements tous plus courus les uns que les autres.

    Oscar or a real sensation in a long black sequined robe signed by Armani Privé at the Met Gala, or her vintage Chanel creation walking past the Chanel Cruise 2024 catwalk show in Los Angeles, or the most outstanding woman in jeans and obvious lingerie, Margot Robbie – son who showed this last year. On TikTok, it has become a true fashion and beauty incubator, not only does the hashtag #barbiecore get over a billion views, but #margotrobbie culminates after 14.5 billion views, isn’t 340 million consecrating the hashtag #margotrobbiebarbie.

    Beyoncé’s debut

    It’s not on the catwalk where the American singer and the designers of millions of selling albums should be a feature this year, but most of all on the stage. On the occasion of the “Renaissance World Tour”, during her world tour, Queen B became a livrée à unéritable marathon ropaire, among the greatest creators of fashion and fashion houses. In total, the concert series allowed for 56 musical fashion shows in a month, a record for the “Break My Soul” singer, and reached 319 million people on Instagram.

    Many dozens of things in Beyoncé’s forests are stage clothes, clothing notes and special accessories created by Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Schiaparelli, Mugler, Jacquemus, Marine Serre, Paco Rabanne, Lowe, Alexander McQueen, etc. in the past (beaucoup )). A real marathon on this route, which allows big houses and designer designers – plus people – to be in the spotlight.

    Pamela Anderson in her natural form

    C’est une image qui n’aurait pas dû faire couler autant d’encre – pourquoi pointer du doigt une femme qui ne se maquille pas? – It’s best to scout out how to propel Pamela Anderson on top of this year’s top trends. Et pas n’importe lesquelles, puisque c’est le ‘no make-up’ que la americaine a mis en avant, un parti pris estétique qui a permis de mettre à Mal, un peu plus encore, certain dictates of society. Et ce bien que, Pamela Anderson admitted to Elle américain magazine in her pursuit of progressive progress that she looks beautiful after the departure of makeup artist Alexis Vogel.

    This coup d’état, in honor of today, is being canceled at a later date, on the occasion of Paris Fashion Week for the spring 2024 season. Alors que Pamela Anderson est à l’affiche d’un émouvant documentaryaire in the book dedicated to the book without detours, distributed on Netflix in January 2023, she showed pluses without any trace of makeup in the “Annément” mode, a vivid sensation in the means mass media, as in social networks. And this does not happen without a “one shot”: the actress became the winner of this debut round at the Fashion Awards 2023. “Un acte de courage and rebellion,” as Jamie Lee Curtis praised on Instagram. . “The natural beauty revolution has officially begun” is the joy of the American actress. A revolution that is not devrait plus in être une, but promotes faire a peu plus voler en éclats les nombreuses injonctions faites aux femmes.

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