The true great love of Prince Charles was a beautiful Latina, not Camilla Parker

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We know the love triangle that starred the Prince carloseldest son of Queen Elizabeth and heir to the British throne, with Camilla Parker Bowles and Lady Di. We know how it ended. He divorced the charismatic Diana Spencer who sadly passed away a few years later in a car accident and later married Camilla when she was accepted as his wife by the Crown. Nevertheless, very few know that in reality Carlos’s great love was neither of them, but a beautiful Latin girl named Lucía Santa Cruz.

Very little is known about this young and intense first love of Prince Charles. Lucía Santa Cruz is a Chilean woman, daughter of Víctor Santa Cruz, ambassador and diplomat in the United Kingdom during the government of Jorge Alessandri and Eduardo Frei Montalva.

She always stood out for being a very intelligent, admirable girl with a great interest in art and history, in fact she is recognized throughout Latin America for her solid career as a historian.

Lucia met Prince Charles at Cambridge University when she was working as a research assistant for a professor. Carlos saw her and fell totally in love with her because of her physical and intellectual beauty. He asked a close friend to introduce them so he could get to know her better.

The chemistry was instantaneous, both very excited decided to treat each other more. They liked to spend time together just talking about different topics. They hit it off almost perfectly intellectually.

Of course the paparazzi knew about the relationship and did not stop following them wherever they went. It seemed that the relationship was serious and it is said that the Queen was very happy with it; However, there was an issue that caused the irremediable rupture as it was an heir to the throne: the religion. Lucia was Catholic while Carlos could only marry a Protestant woman.

Inevitably they had to separate and continue their relationship as close friends. Some biographers of the Royal Family mention that Lucia was the one who introduced Carlos to Camila in 1971 when the three were at a youth meeting in a London apartment.

Carlos and Camila they fell in love and their love story is known. Complicated, controversial, prohibited and finally with a happy ending. It is said that they even traveled to Chile in 2009 and were able to meet up with her friend Lucía. The Chilean, on the other hand, has never wanted to talk about her romance with the heir to the throne.

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