The United States Senate confirms the nomination of Hugo Rodríguez as the new ambassador of Nicaragua


The United States Senate has confirmed the nomination of Hugo Rodríguez as Nicaragua’s new ambassador after the government of Daniel Ortega withdrew its support for “interfering and insulting” statements.

After approving a bill to prevent a closure of the federal government, the Upper House has given the ‘green light’ to the nomination of Rodríguez and three other candidates to represent the United States in Belize (Michelle Kwan), Panama (Mari Carmen Aponte ) and Kyrgyzstan (Lesslie Viguerie), according to ‘The Hill’.

With regard to Rodríguez, Ortega withdrew “his approval” after he appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee advocating a return to democracy and an end to human rights violations, as confirmed in a statement by the Minister of Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs, Denis Moncada.

Nicaragua justified its decision by declaring that the ambassador, by virtue of the Vienna Convention, “cannot get involved in national issues that are specific to Nicaraguans, much less disrespect, offend, humiliate, threaten, lead or be a factor of interference or interventionism in the internal affairs of our country”.

Rodríguez affirmed during the Commission that during the elections in the Latin American country of 2021 -when Daniel Ortega revalidated his position for another five years-, Nicaraguans were deprived “of any real option, and the hopes of democracy and prosperity of the Nicaraguans vanished,” according to the newspaper ‘La Prensa’.

“I am committed to working with Congress, inter-institutional colleagues and international partners to press for the return to democracy, respect for Human Rights and the freedom of political prisoners in Nicaragua,” Rodríguez said during his speech, referring to the most of 180 alleged political prisoners kept in jail by the country’s Executive.

The candidate for ambassador to the country stressed that hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans “are now refugees” due to the “failure of the Ortega government to meet the basic needs of the people.”

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