The US will reveal the names of officials who helped García Luna in the diversion of resources: Santiago Nieto

Genaro García Luna (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Genaro García Luna (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

One of the expected things in the trial against Genaro García Lunaformer Secretary of Public Security during the government of PAN Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (2006-2012), is that various information about his illegal movements come to light, among which are the business that he had with different instances and government officials.

santiago grandsonformer head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and current manager of the Office of the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) of the State of Hidalgo, said in an interview for Millennium that he sent the US authorities documents proving that federal and state politicians helped García Luna to make contracts valued in millions of dollars.

According to Nieto Castillo, the Mexican government handed over their investigations to New York prosecutors for possible money laundering regardless of what they are judging for drug traffic. Mainly because it was done government security contractor during the past six-year term.

The above is added to a civil complaint in Florida that was raised at the request of Mexico to recover 250 million dollars in assets of García Luna and his associates Mauricio and Alexis Wheinberg, who would have received an undue payment from the State.

Santiago Nieto (@SNietoCastillo)
Santiago Nieto (@SNietoCastillo)

He pointed out that the current situation of violence caused by 19 organized crime groups, including the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and the Pacific Cartel or also known as from Sinaloa, with a national presence, was generated from the agreements that the now detainee made with some organizations, since that resulted in only some criminals being persecuted.

Given the proximity of the trial and the delicate process that is being carried out in the United States, the former head of the FIU pointed out that “names are going to come out”; However, he did not want to reveal any of those he knows who entered into contracts with the federal government, Mexico City and García Luna companies.

“This information is in the possession of the US authorities and the Mexican authorities and it is something that will begin to be discussed.”

“It is a fact that the government contracts of García Luna’s companies, both from Nunvav as Glacare based on contracts in the Federal Public Administration and those contracts are already in the possession of the authorities Mexican and North American”, he added.

Genaro Garcia Luna (Special)
Genaro Garcia Luna (Special)

In their research they found that the money came to a company in Mexico. This, in turn, I sent it to Panama and in that country it was being distributed to various parts, particularly Miami, where García Luna was, but also to other destinations such as Tel Aviv, Nassau and Latvia.

“At the same time, there was another contract from another Glac company, which was hired by the then Mexico City Attorney General’s Office and a contract for 32 million pesos to make a diagnosis of a prosecutor’s office in matters of kidnapping, it seems to me too much to make a diagnosis of a prosecutor’s office”.

He assured that by having these contracts, in some of the hearings the names of officials who contracted with García Luna’s companies through the then Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, as well as the Ministry of the Interior.

Although he said that there is a possibility that it will not happen at the next hearing, because the priority for the United States are charges related to drug trafficking, it is very likely that the names will be mentioned at some point; In the case of Mexico, the interest is in the accusations for embezzlement, illicit enrichment and money laundering.

Genaro Garcia Luna (Special)
Genaro Garcia Luna (Special)

Regarding the United States, he said that his successor in the FIU It has strengthened the country’s position, and if the complaint is won, the money will be paid, but the government will not give “a penny in the asset recovery process.”

In the complaint made by the FGR, it reported that it does not have recent data, since when it ceased to be part of that unit there was secrecy regarding the investigation folders and it does not have access to them.

“But something that will have to take shape and advance in the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in Combating Corruption and in Organized Crime, because the central part of the administration of justice has to do with the fight against impunity”.

remembered that García Luna began to “build his legend” from the government of Vicente Fox Quesada and later became “a fundamental piece” as Secretary of Security with Felipe Calderón, to finally reach Peña Nieto and carry out multiple contracts with which resources were diverted, among other crimes.

Genaro García Luna would have been one of the main officials behind the start of Felipe Calderón's war against drugs (MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO)
Genaro García Luna would have been one of the main officials behind the start of Felipe Calderón’s war against drugs (MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO)

“The exercise of power and ties to the United States it is fracturing when the North American authorities begin to have the testimonies and vestiges that there was a relationship or at least a compromise (arrangements) with organized crime groups”, he pointed out.

He said that this turning point is important because in those years some organized crime groups, while other organizations were getting stronger, leading Mexico to the current environment of violence.

Nieto Castillo pointed out that the 2021 national risk assessment on money laundering indicated that there were 19 high-impact criminal organizations and two of a national and international nature.

He accused that the criminal structures were strengthened from the actions of García Luna instead of losing strength, which would indicate some links that have been given with the help of political power and economic power with said criminal forces.

He also noted as something “interesting” that everything is developing around “a very powerful man in the Calderón era.”


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