The vampire community advises Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on their blood-drinking habits

Machine Gun Kelly Y Megan fox they have revealed that they engage in occasional blood rituals, which involve drinking each other’s blood.

This was stated by the actress in a post of Instagram on the marriage proposal of her husband, where she wrote: “And as in all the lives before this one, and as in all the lives that will follow, I said yes, and then we drank each other’s blood“.

Likewise, in an interview with GlamorFox also spoke on the subject and said: “They may be imagining us with drinks and that we are like Game of Thronesdrinking each other’s blood.

Having become such a viral topic, different members of the vampire community They have asked the couple to ensure they practice their rituals safely.

Belfazaar Ashantisonco-founder of the New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA), has told TMZ that the couple should take proper precautions before they start drinking each other’s blood as a pair of “modern draculas“.

Ashantison suggests the couple undergo tests to check for possible blood-borne diseasesnoting that “vampires are not immune”.

Amaia Romero has worn a very different look at the ICON awards gala.

He went on to say that vampires, like himself, like to carry out a wide investigation before drinking the blood someone, revealing that it took six months to find their current donor and that they are still tested every three months to make sure they are healthy.

The Father Sebastian, founder of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, also urged the couple to be careful. Referring to comments about MGK using broken glass to cut his chest, this vampire notes that “proper blood draw should only be done by medical professionals.”

Despite the warnings of the two vampires, they both agreed that, When done properly and safely, it’s perfectly acceptable to drink your partner’s blood.

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