The VAR screen at the Bernabeu is broken and they will have to improvise another one! | Relief

The 38th round of the League and unprecedented things continue to happen in our championship.. VAR, or rather the VAR monitor, did not work at the Santiago Bernabeu, which led to Diaz de Mere has to watch the Betis goal on a parallel monitor, which, fortunately, is available at the stadium.. What would have happened if not for this? This is probably an unanswered question.

At 38:11, Mark Roca tried to finish a shot from the left flank, who interfered with Courtois, who failed to clear the ball. And Johnny took advantage of this circumstance to apply pressure and give his team the lead against Real Madrid. Diaz de Mera did not appreciate anything at first and missed the goal, but was warned from above not to restart the game.

Then the VAR, chaired by Jaime Latre, warned him about the tight positional offside of Marc Roca. who goes after the ball and is the main part of Courtois, who does not block the ball or get the rebound. to your partner. Indeed, the lines show that one of the Betic midfielder’s legs was slightly pushed forward.

The protocol states that in this type of action the referee must look at what happened on the screen to determine the degree of interference on the part of the player in question. So he did. Or at least that’s what he intended to do. When I approached the VAR monitor, the screen was on, but not holding up. The worker tried to stabilize it, but it kept moving up and down, down and up.

The scene, somewhat surreal, did not allow the referee to fully appreciate what had happened on the field seconds earlier. After several repair attempts, the operator threw in the towel and walked a few meters away from him. There he took out a monitor, which he placed on the ground and on which the referee watched the game, not seeing the exact strike during the production. what I witnessed.

Finally, at 42:26, ​​four and a half minutes after Johnny’s shot hit the back of the net, Diaz de Mera was able to resume the game and note that, as he was told from above,Marc Roca is offside and influences the movement of Thibaut Courtois.

One more anecdote at the end of the busiest season. Of course, it is worth emphasizing that in this case, due to the nature and complexity of the action, it took some time to call the referee to the monitor and that the failure of the Bernabeu screen was not the main reason why the restart was delayed by more than four minutes. After the decision, everything continued as it was: 0:0 at the end of the first half in the match between Real Madrid and Betis..

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