The Victoria and Albert Museum wants Taylor Swift fans to get a special job

Logo of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
DANIEL LIL/AFP Logo of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Logo of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

INTERNATIONAL – Send your rewards through your passion? The Victoria and Albert Museum in London (also called V&A) is available to “consultant superfans” to reach more young people and cover British news. Telegraph It will be sold on February 23rd.

Taylor Swift fans, Swifties fans, and experts in Crocs, tufting (making a home with fabrics), drag, or emojis living at Queen’s University also reached out to this year’s candidates, as well as appliqués at the Grand Museum of Art, etc. .decoration and design in the world.

For Taylor Swift as an example, I explained the institution, but is the visitor a culture that is associated with the American pop star through the artisans designed by its author, with the famous banners at the main lors de ses concerts or his famous friendship bracelets.

Posts about Pokemon and Legos will leave you

“The Victoria and Albert Museum is the home of creativity and our demands on the British public, from our contributors to our collections and our knowledge of our knowledge.”– I explained to the director of the museum, Tristram Hunt, ay Telegraph.

“This new role of advisor who helps us in knowledge, plus Sur l’énorme et parfois Surprenante Diversité de ce que nous Offrons, et nous Adera à en Apprendre plus sur l’histoire des Designs qui sont important for notre public d’aujourd” hui”at-il ajoute.

New posts were written for Pokemon, for Lego, for gorpcore (a trend consisting of carriers of random things in the city) and for Toby jars (ware with the face of a person going on) at the time. purvus.

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