The Weeknd and Jenna Ortega play as an ensemble in an ambitious film!

Singer The Weeknd and actress Jenna Ortega played all two games during an extended period of special attention.

Film buffs are also fans of The Weeknd, as the famous singer returns to star with Jenna Ortega in a big-budget film. MCE TV will tell you from A to Z!

The Weeknd: an artist who brings unexpected ideas to life

Announced in 2023, this is the latest release from Canadian singer The Weeknd. Bien au contraire!

Ces dernières semaines, il s’est surtout fait remarquer grâce à Your cooperation with the game Fortnite. On and Retrouve d’aileurs 4 versions of the son’s skin pour vous déguiser lors de vos party endiablées!

In October I also admitted that Son’s concert in Bogota to help the Colombian economy. The car after the holiday is a great artist!

And now I tried plus recement, in offering 4 million compensation to Gaza citizens there is a gift. What a beautiful gesture!

Neanmoine, Abel Tesfaye, Australian cancel the rest of your big world tour in 2023. History prendre quelques weekend REPO (sans mauvais jeu de mot, bien entendu).

In parallel with this, il aégalement été Surprises from the hacker who published Morso “Trust Issues” on Spotify without authorization. Il aurait sans doute préféré meilleure surprise at the end of the year, puisqu’il a dû supprimer le morceau dans la foulée…

The Weeknd is fully satisfied with the excellent prospects forecast for 2024. This is a collaboration with Taylor Swift What Fans de Nombre serving de Pied Ferme. The excitement is maximum!

More alors, quel est ce movie dans lequel The Canadian singer is dating Jenna Ortega ? MCE TV vous en dit plus!

Abel Tesfaye and Jenna Ortega star in big movie

The Weeknd’s debut was shot on camera and wasn’t flashy. Perhaps I believe that sa series Idol that’s a failureand the singer is already able to turn the page.

For this he will be the accompanist of actress Jenna Ortega, who knows him when he knows her. series Mercredi on Netflix. And after the premiere, the next film is film plus Qu’ambitieux!

About deja vu and aura Trey Edward Schultz in the play, bigger than the original idea behind The Weeknd’s recent film. Definitely, this is a multi-skate vrai!

Canadian singer becomes également original band composer in the company d’Oneohtrix Point Never (good time, Uncut Gems). In short, this long meter is a good network!

And finally, The Weeknd plays starring in this film set in Los Angeles, but the departure date is not unbearable. On you donc au courant dès qu’on en sait plus à ce sujet!

Attended the hated creation of projects that the Toronto artist has booked for 2024. Aussi bien sur musical plan which cinematography.

Jenna Ortega from Son Cote will appear in the second season of the series. Mercredi OU good name of Hyphen L’Attendant. Il se dit même qu’elle pourrait être Prochain star of the Twilight saga reboot. I promise!

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