The Weeknd Announces New Projects for 2024

Fans of The Weeknd ont de quoi, rejoice! The Artist is a return to exciting new projects that await us in the future. In fact, the moment two Dawn FM albums were released, I will understand social networks that are pro-chain albums to sort out the three good ones that will be released in 2024. Ce teases meme relayed by Metro Boomin, this is what I think about a future collaboration between the two music stars.

But that’s not all! The Weeknd is also heading to the movies. He was the lead actor in Trey Edwards Schultz’s reality film and also shared the screen with Jenna Ortega while continuing his role in the TV series Mercredi. In addition to playing behind the camera, The Weeknd will also contribute to the film’s original cast. I did a rehearsal for a recent piece on Idol to talk about an Australian piece of music.

Cece reports that The Weeknd has given the opportunity to finally launch a career under his pseudonym. Fans always benefit from these new projects, which now help the latest under the moniker The Weeknd. Combining music and film, the 2024 announcement is rich in emotion and creativity for artists and fans.

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