The Wolf Cut, trendy haircut seen on Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams, is always the star of hairstyles

No, it’s not a reference to a Shakira tube but to a haircut that shook the beauty world… and upset the catalog of many hairdressing salons. The wolf cut has been invited on the heads of the most stylish it-girls, the former actress of the Game Of Thrones Series Maisie Williams or singers Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish. A veritable white wolf of the beauty trends of the past two years, the haircut was first a hit on the networks before being available in all styles. On TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest, power 10 trend incubators, the “wolf haircut” did not come out of nowhere. Half shag cut, typical of the 1970s, half mullet cut, essential of the 1980s, the Wolf Cut combines the best of a vintage beauty look for some… or remains a more than dubious combination of taste for others. Although fashion and its trends are only eternal repetitions, to modernize the favorite cut of footballers of the 1990s and avoid looking like Jeff Tuche, you have to get up early!

Wear the Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut is characterized by its wispy bangs like a mullet cut and its voluminous, layered lengths like a shaggy cut. While it’s achievable on all hair types, wavy hair that’s jaw-level or higher will make switching up the style that much easier. The Wolf Cut brings a little madness to the heads of many beautystas. His side hair-disheveled a little rock and its glamorous volume denotes in the brooms of classic squares without arriving at the eccentric XXL brushings of the 1970s. The high point of the “wolf haircut”? Its ease of maintenance. Going through the hair salon box seems significant because DIY is good, a symmetrical cut is better. Apart from a scissor touch-up of your ends, drying upside down, a blow of styling mousse or fixing spray and using your fingers as a comb, the wolf cut requires minimal maintenance. What could be better, then, than a quick haircut to do for all those mornings when the alarm clock didn’t ring? There is enough to jump into the wolf’s cup!

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