The woman who earns 30 thousand dollars on OnlyFans by becoming a “surrogate wife” (crazy photos)


Recently, a case of a model offering her services as a “surrogate wife” online went viral on social media. The young woman charges more than $30,000 from each man who wants to hire her.

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Babi Palomas is 24 years old and dedicated to creating content on OnlyFans. One day, a unique idea came to the woman’s mind due to which she started earning a lot of money. She said, “I do things that average wives often avoid, like watching a football game on TV without complaining.”

Additionally, he mentioned that he and another customer prepared dinner while on a video call and they started watching movies together. According to the model, there are thousands of men who are in a relationship but feel lonely as they become distant from their women and this can result in the breakup of the relationship.

The young Brazilian denied that it was an escort service. She’s got great relationships with many of her followers and there’s nothing beyond virtual meetings. Babi calls this type of service a “surrogate wife” and charges any man interested in her services a fee of US$30,000.

You can read the full note here Tamil Nadu

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