The world’s largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, arrives in Miami

The boat offers six slides and the largest swimming pool in the sea. (Royal Caribbean/YouTube)

On the morning of Wednesday, January 10, ‘Icon of the seas’company-owned Royal Caribbean and recognized as The largest cruise ship in the worlddocked to Port of Miamimarking the start of the first season.

The company’s Miami headquarters calls the discovery one of Key maritime events in 2024. This release features the ship listed as “Category 6”which includes the largest water park on the high seas, six slides, the largest pool in the history of cruise ships and 40 innovative concepts that are changing the dining experience.

Embed Finland in a process that lasted 900 daysThis marine giant is presented as a key episode in the industry, surpassing in size “Miracle of the Seas”. WITH 20 covers and capacity is almost 10 thousand people between the crew and passengers. Moreover, this is the first boat “Icon Class” cruise company.

The new cruise ship, with 20 decks and a capacity of nearly 10,000 people, sets a maritime industry record. (Royal Caribbean International via The New York Times)

He will officially set sail. January 27, 2024 from the port of Miami and will operate cruises 7 nights in the Eastern and Western Caribbeanwith stops at the private island CocoCay in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The celebration of this achievement will not be limited to the waters; cruise line planned party at the Perez Art Museum for the purpose of giving their staff on land an opportunity to closely examine the majesty of this new ship.

It is 48.5 meters wide, 365 meters long (the length of the ship is measured from the very front to the very rear of the hull) and can accommodate 7,514 passengers and 2,350 crew.

Construction of the 250,800 tonne facility required an investment of approximately US$2 billion.

Royal Caribbean unveils its first ship powered by liquefied natural gas and fuel cell technology

This ship consists of eight blocks day and nightfive of them are new to those who frequent Royal Caribbean cruises.

These areas on board have numerous entries such as the name the largest water park on the sea (Category 6), largest swimming pool in the history of cruise ships (Royal Bay swimming pool) and innovative infinity pool suspended in the ocean. There are a total of seven swimming pools on the ship.

The variety is also reflected in the accommodation options, which include 28 cabin typesincludes some intended for families of three, four and five people. Among them Best Family Townhousespread over three floors, it resembles a floating villa with a white picket fence and its own mailbox.

The cruise also marks progress in terms of sustainability, as it is the company’s first ship. Powered by fuel cell technology and runs on liquefied natural gas (LNG), recognized more environmentally friendly marine fuel.

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