The worst player in El Tri for Cristiano Ronaldo, told him it was crap…

Cristiano Ronaldo / Mexican National Team
Cristiano Ronaldo / Mexican National Team


Cristiano Ronaldo is the trend of the day due to his introduction with Al-Nassr. The Portuguese star surprised in the Transfer Market by going to Arab football, after it was rumored that Cristiano would go to a Champions League team. Napoli, Sporting Lisbon and even Chelsea were linked to the eternal 7.

Something that has stood out within the Al-Nassr operation is the salary that Ronaldo himself will enjoy. According to Marca, the former Manchester United player will earn around 214 million dollars per season, surpassing the 75 that Messi earns with PSG, so we are talking about the most expensive contract in the history of the sport.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

The Tri player that Cristiano Ronaldo would invite to his new home in Arabia

While Dibu insulted them, what Cristiano Ronaldo did for love of Mexico

Now, Ronaldo has spoken countless times about Mexican soccer and the same Selection mexican. Throughout his career he has had both positive and negative comments. In this case, we will talk about the time that Cristiano exploded and told a player from El Tri that he “was a piece of shit *”.

The day CR7 exploded against Javier Hernández

It was a match by an advertising brand, Real Madrid players faced each other. The ‘Bug’ team lost, for which he said furiously that “his team is shit *”, including Javier hernandez, who was on his team. Although it all ended in an anecdote without much relevance, this indicates Ronaldo’s competitive spirit.

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