The Xunta warns that it calls for 100% of the mir positions in family medicine

Patients waiting this Friday at the A Valenz health center in Barbads. August Iglesias

It justifies that not all accredited vacancies for Galicia are called so as not to harm those in which there are a lack of professionals

18 Jan 2023 . Updated at 2:35 p.m.

The manager of the Galician Agency for Xestin do Coecemento in Sadand (ACIS), Antonio Fernndez-Campaappeared this morning in Parliament at his own request to present the proposals of the Galician Government to the central Executive for a reform of the system that allows expanding the number of specialists in family and community medicine. He did so at the Health Commission, where he warned that the Xunta A great organizational and organizational effort is going to be made for the training of my medical specialists.

So I remembered that Galicia offers for this area 207 parking spaces, all of which are accredited by the Ministry of Health, an increase of 65 compared to the previous call and double that of 2009. He also stressed that 65 of the 119 new vacancies throughout the State correspond to the community. In order to focus efforts in this area, the manager justified that all the Mira-accredited positions in some specialties in which there is no deficit for not harm those in which there is a lack of professionals. As he highlighted, the Ministry of Health recommends do not increase to offer in these types of cases.

Precisely, this Saturday the tests will be held in 28 locations in all the communities to qualify for one of the 11,171 Specialized Health Training places (FSE) convened by the Ministry of Health, of which 8,550 are, specifically, Paramir. The manager of the ACIS has pointed out that difficult to know if the 2,455 places that are summoned in Family Medicine throughout Spain are enough but, in any case, he has pointed out that this figure must be increased by 1,000 more to face the necessary generational renewal in this specialty in the coming years.

Petitions to the Government

During his appearance to explain the proposal that the Xunta has sent to the Government for a reform of the Mir training that would allow the number of specialists in Family and Community Medicine to be expanded, Camba insisted that the minimums for accrediting health centers be lowered, so that that in Galicia they can those who can provide this training will go from the current 120 to 160.

He also criticized that the accreditation of places is too long a process, of a minimum of two years, for which he has claimed that it be axialize and it is enabled throughout the year and not only in a certain period, as well as eliminating the cut-off mark to access the mir tests.

10% of Sergas doctors also work in private healthcare

Elisa Alvarez

From the opposition, both the PSdeG and the BNG criticized that the Xunta tries to shift the responsibility for the collapse in public health, with the lack of doctors in primary care, to the central government. The deputy of the PSdeG Julio Torrado remember that the Sergas could summon my prazas e non as convoca and it has estimated at more than a hundred those that will stop being offered this year, 620 out of a total of 725 available, in addition to 180 places for Family doctors that he assures have not been called since the PP governed in Galicia, in 2009. Torrado considered that the Xunta proposes to lower the price or look Y reduce to qualityadvising that these doctors-in-training cannot be used as a white brand or cheap oil.

For the BNG deputy Montse Pradothe PP, instead of solving the problems of primary care that leva moitos anos facendo augaswhat it deals with is step on the accelerator and hit the goal of destruction of public health singing before to facilitate you or private business. Although he has defended that it is necessary to update the training system, he has pointed out that this is not the root of the problem, but that there is a lack of health professionals because they do not have have decent working conditions, while the Xunta only proposes a system low cost accreditation of places mir.

From the PPdeG, the deputy Encarna Amigo accused the opposition of create confusion and falsify data on the budget for public health in Galicia and working conditions and has insisted that it is the central government that does not allow my specialists to train in Family Medicine with his inaction erroneous measures.

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