The years of captivity do not matter, we are ready to give still

Former prisoner Karim Younes thanked the Palestinian people for standing firm in the fight despite the repression and attempts to Judaize the Zionist entity.

  • Former Palestinian prisoner Karim Younes.
    Former Palestinian prisoner Karim Younes.

Forty or fifty years of captivity does not matter. We’re all ready to give yet, declared to Al Mayadeen Palestinian ex-prisoner Karim Younes after his release Thursday from Israeli jails.

On behalf of himself and his brothers in prison, Younes thanked the people – inside and outside of Palestine – for stand firm in the fight despite the repression and attempts to Judaize the Zionist entity.

“The morale of the detainees is high despite the injustice and the threats of the occupation. Unity is the law of victory. Division is the law of extinction,” he expressed.

Al Mayadeen He also accompanied Younes to the cemetery in the town of Ara, where the remains of his parents rest. There he expressed words of recognition and praise for his loved ones.

“My mother was the ambassador for all the prisoners, she carried out great responsibilities beyond her capacity. She chose to see me from heaven. Together my parents drew a road map for me and inspired me on the path of struggle.”he told the correspondent for Al Mayadeen.

Younes’s mother passed away last May and was unable to see her son’s release.

Israeli forces endangered the release of Younes

After leaving the prison compound, Israeli forces endangered Younes’s release by leaving him alone at one of the stations in Ra’anana, a settler town, far from his family and the mass reception of the settlers in Ara.

Among other repressive actions, the military prohibited family members celebrate the release. The eve, the police broke into the Younes house, located inside the territories occupied in 1948, and seized the Palestinian flags.

But the occupation could not prevent Younes from being sheltered by his relatives and the people.

Karim Younes breaks the bars of the occupation

The dean of Palestinian prisoners Karim Younes broke the chains of the Israeli jail after 40 years of captivity.

Younis was one of 25 jailed since before the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993. For decades, the occupation denied their release despite the many prisoner exchange and release agreements arranged until 2014.

Karim was subjected to a lengthy and harsh investigation, first sentenced to death at the beginning of his captivity, then to life imprisonment, and finally a Zionist court set a sentence of 40 years.

In her first letter after her mother’s death, she said: “My mother made almost 700 visits to the prison. That was her fight.”

Younes – considered the oldest Palestinian prisoner in the occupation jails – participated in all the battles of the Captive Movement, including the hunger strike. The last one was in 2017, it lasted 42 days.

Ben Gvir ordered to avoid celebrations for the freedom of Karim Younes

The release of Younes will be at 4 in the morning ordered by the Minister of Internal Security, Itamar Ben Gvircommented several Israeli media outlets.

according to the newspaper israel hayomthe Israeli headline communicated on Wednesday night with the Commissioner of the Prisons Service, Katy Perry, and with the General Commissioner of Police, Jacob Shabtai, and told them he ordered to avoid the celebrations at all costs.

Palestinian Captive Movement announces general mobilization

In this context, the Palestinian Captive Movement it guided the beginning of a new stage of general mobilization in the Israeli prisons and preparation for the next confrontation.

In the statement, the organization urged the detainees to challenge Zionist terrorism and the measures of its fascist government with courage and competence, united under the flag of Palestine, a unified leadership and project of struggle.

“Any attack on prisoners will be met with mass disobedience and uprising in all prisons. The volcano of freedom will explode in front of the occupier, the coming battle will culminate in the freedom strike.” warned the statement to the prison authorities.

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