The young man learns that he was mistakenly left for dead. His parents had already received his ashes.

news of death of tyler chaseOf 23 years, causing deep pain and suffering to his family. Tyler was no stranger to problems and difficulties in life. From an early age he fought against drug addictionA struggle that left him living on the streets and losing touch with his family.

when his family received a death certificate And the urn which was supposed to contain his ashes was completely destroyed. He believed he had lost his son forever. However, a few weeks later, the thing they never imagined happened: Tyler He appeared alive again.

According to the Daily Mail report, miraculous return This came to light after Tyler Chase discovered what he believed was a bureaucratic error. The young man went to seek social assistance, but he never received it because, according to official records, he had Declared “Dead” A few weeks ago. Specifically, September 11th of last year.

Confused and in need of welfare benefits, Tyler went to one of the state’s Social Security offices. oregon (United States), where officials handling his case confirmed that – indeed – Tyler was officially registered as deceased. To solve the problem, a Investigation To shed light on what had happened.

It was not a computer error, nor Human Error, Apparently the confusion occurred because Tyler’s wallet, which contained several identification documents stolen While he was in a rehabilitation center in Portland. A robber who died of a drug overdose in September was mistakenly identified as Tyler Chase because of the clothes he was wearing. document By Tyler.

The incident led officials to issue a statement in which they expressed deep regret. error in identification, Additionally, they announced that they are implementing new solutions So that nothing like this happens in future. From now on, every person with a state-issued temporary ID will have to introduce himself fingerprints For positive identification.

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