“There are women who have given birth in toilets next to the shops where they live”

Pregnant, displaced and living in a tent. This is a situation in which 50,000 Gazan women are left with hardly any resources. “I sleep on the floor, there is no bed,” one of them said. “I have heard that Women who have given birth in the toilet Next to the tents where they live,” decried Pakle Koiser, emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Gaza Strip,

during the next 30 days 5,500 women will give birth to children In the Palestinian enclave. Of those, it is feared that 840 will face complications. This is what happened to Mona, who condemns it “There was no cleanliness or adequate care“When she gave birth. Her child is one of the 20,000 children who have reached the world Since the controversy escalated there.

Birth that happens in the midst of suffering, as MSF pediatric nurse Ruth Conde, who has seen it with her own eyes, tells Lasexta Noticias. “What our team found is The health system has completely collapsedone of two. He Women were discharged one hour after delivery Or four or five hours after having a cesarean section,” he explains.

This, along with the dangers for mothers: “Danger of bleeding, lack of stitches, wound may open…”, lists the health worker. And that, for those women who manage to reach health centers, because others “They haven’t been able to reach the hospital According to Condé, either because there was no space, because there was no means of transportation, because there was no security. In fact, two mothers die every hour due to the conflict.

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