There is the date of the end of all anti-covid restrictions in Italy

Hypothesis of the end of all anti-Covid restrictions in Italy from 15 June, the scenario that awaits us. What you need to know.

The “freedom day“In Italy, with theabolition of all anti-Covid restrictions still in effect. Even the last remaining ones.

End of all restrictions in Italy from June 15, the scenario (Adobe Stock)

As we know, from 1 May the obligation of the Green pass has lapsed in public places in Italy, with the exception of hospitals and health and care facilities. While for arrivals from abroad the European Green pass (vaccination, cure or negative test) will still be required to enter Italy until May 31st.

L’obligation to wear a mask indoorsinstead, it remained for some places and situations until June 15: public transport, entertainment venues and events (cinemas, theaters, concerts, sports halls).

After the fateful date of June 15, it could all end. Here’s what awaits us.

End of all restrictions in Italy from June 15th

The date of June 15 could mark the end of all anti-Covid restrictions in Italy (except for precautionary measures in health facilities). Nothing is certain yet but it is the scenario envisaged by the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa.

In an interview on Radio24, Costa said: “After June 15, I believe the conditions are in place to achieve an unrestricted summer“. If this hypothesis were confirmed, from this date in Italy it should no longer be mandatory to wear a mask indoors, in the places where the obligation has remained. No mask, neither FFP2 nor surgical.

At the moment, it is the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask is still in force up all means of public transport, national and local: airplanes, trains, ships, ferries, buses, subways, public transport. It is also still required at the cinemato theaterin concert halls, in the entertainment and live music venuesin the sports hallsto all cultural and sporting events, always and only indoors.

The latest regulations approved by the government they abolish this obligation from June 15th. It will almost certainly not be renewed. So, not only no more masks at the cinema but not even on the train or on the bus. Summer should encourage the fall of the obligation to wear masks, already abolished even indoors in many European countries.

The same could also happen in the workplace, where the obligation to wear a mask has been maintained, in some companies, following agreements between trade associations of employers and workers’ representatives.

We remember that themandatory protective mask indoors is in effect in all hospitalsin health facilities, social health and welfare, RSA, where it will probably remain in effect even after 15 June. Furthermore, in these places theobligation to Reinforced green pass (for vaccinated or cured) up as of December 31, 2022.

end of Italy restrictions on 15 June
FFP2 mask in train (Adobe Stock)

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