“There was no call, there was movement: Moncloa called all the traders who met Miley”

Various market sources consulted by Libre Mercado confirm that there were frequent calls from Moncloa to meetings of various companies xavier miley These days during the President’s visit to Spain, where he, like other international leaders, participated in a Vox event at the Vistalegre Palace. melonie or marine le pen, These sources say that after the Vistalegre event, Moncloa “called the presidents of all the companies and asked them to immediately speak out in favor of the government.”

,There was no call, there was movement!“The emphasis is on one of these sources which identifies Moncloa’s negotiator as Manuel de la Rocha, who is currently responsible for the Economic Office of the Presidency of the Government and who holds the post of Secretary of State. Its functions include coordination of economic sectors and departments and attached units and, in particular, providing advice and technical assistance to the President of the Government concerning economic policy.

i.e. it cannot be ruled out De la Rocha was the author of the phrase that the economy The Spanish no longer move like a motorcycle, “but like a rocket”, as the government president recently said, but, as various market sources told LM, it is trying to bring businessmen into line. Is also in charge of. The government’s side in the alleged crime over statements by Argentine President Javier Meili.

Moncloa’s call was the last straw for some businessmen who met Miley and had to endure that people like Unai SourdoughThe leader of the Labor Commission, or the Minister of Labor herself, Yolanda Diaz, will blame him for the mere fact of meeting the President of a country like Argentina, in which they all have interests and investments. In short, one of the companies with which the executive has had the most disputes in recent times, Repsol, was not at the meeting as it has been several years since they no longer have any interests in Argentina, a country from which they are. After Kirchnerism the YPF were seized illegally. Libre Mercado has shared this information with Moncloa, without commenting on whether it was de la Rocha who made the call or not.

Sordo said the businessmen’s meeting was “absolutely incomprehensible” because it was “with a person who is a public danger.” Yolanda DiazFor its part, Miley accused Miley of “killing lives and resources and curtailing labor rights”. She didn’t stop there: “She is able to tell the world that she defends the Argentine dictatorship and wants people’s vital organs to be marketed,” said the vice president of the Spanish government and leader of Sumar grandly. .

In terms of trade, Spain represented the first European destination for Argentine exports in the first quarter of this year, with sales of approximately $265 million (244 million euros), while Argentina exported $220.4 million ( Imported goods worth approximately 202.7 million Euro).

With exchanges totaling $3,959 million last year, Spain is one of Argentina’s main markets in the EU, a bloc that has been negotiating a free trade agreement with Mercosur for nearly a quarter century, founded in 1991. There is a union. by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and including what is today Bolivia.

Meanwhile, Spain remained stable at the end of the third quarter of 2023 As the second largest investor in Argentina after the United StatesWith a position of 21,410 million dollars (about 19.7 million euros).

Nails Two hundred companies with Spanish capital operate in Argentina In sectors such as banking, insurance, highways, construction, supermarkets, energy, fishing, telecommunications and tourism.

Among the greatest, stand out Santander, BBVA, Mapfre, Telefónica and NaturgyWith whose officials Miley himself met this Saturday in Madrid, who, with his traditional defense of capitalism and businessmen as social benefactors, invited Spanish businessmen to invest more in Argentina.

response of companies

The sources consulted emphasized that the companies’ reaction to the Moncloa call had little or nothing to do with what might have happened on other occasions or with other presidents. “If you notice, not all the companies present with Miley have supported the government’s request, basically those that are most dependent on the executive have done so: Telefónica, where the government already has 10 %, BBVA for which there is government support will make its takeover bid par excellence, or Naturji, where SEPI is also considering its entry ahead of the arrival of the Emirati taka,

“This is very important and very impressive from the point of view of big companies in Spain. Under other circumstances or with another government in Moncloa, everyone would have agreed,” he said.

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