There will be new content updates coming to Hogwarts Legacy this year.

Exclusive PlayStation content will be available on other platforms

There will be new content updates coming to Hogwarts Legacy this year.
Hogwarts Legacy will expand its content this year

Magic has no boundaries. Warner Bros. Games announced that There will be updates and new features to Hogwarts Legacy this year. anticipating that as the game’s first anniversary approaches, work is underway to bring the PlayStation version’s exclusive mission to other platforms.

The game, which has a free trial on PS5, also has an exclusive mission on both that console and PS4 called Haunted Shop in Hogsmeade. It all begins with Mrs. Mason selling her shop in Hogsmeade, creating a problem that the player will have to discover while exploring the depths of the earth.

Mission whose mission offers the series exclusive cosmetic itemswill be available on Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in summer 2024although the good news is that Avalanche Studios is working on additional updates to the game, which until now have only fixed bugs and improved the gameplay overall without adding major new features.

Quidditch won’t come to Hogwarts Legacy

It should be remembered that after the success of Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. Games has announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, a game that will save the sport of the wizarding world thanks to multiplayer gamewhat makes us think that Quidditch excluded as content update. Thus, in such a large open world, there are many opportunities for updating the game’s content.

While waiting for the announcement of these updates, there are those who are still discovering unknown locations of Hogwarts Legacy, which shows that they a game full of content and hidden secrets.

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