There will be no sanctions or complaints against Xavi for “this is a disgrace.”

ANDthe consignment Montjuic left many moments that have gone down in football history, such as the various comebacks, the final victory of Villarreal, the subsequent future resignation of the Barça coach and the image of Xavi looking for a share of the screen and twice shouting: “It’s a shame.” Well, the gesture is still in charge the team coach will not have any sanctions or complaints from the Technical Committee of the competition referees.

Despite what has been said, The VAR cannot interfere with such actions during the match. It’s not legal. This is not something that happens on the playing field and therefore does not involve video refereeing from the VOR room.

The first step is that what was done First, the actions of the Almeria player, were considered by the CTA to be an attack on the honor of the referee (Hernandez Maeso) and that is why they were translated first into fairness and then into competition.

“We leave feeling like the game was stolen from us. This is already clear. I don’t think more could have been done from the outside to get them involved in the game: a penalty, a handball, a disallowed goal… “ – said Melero.

On the other hand, the Barça president’s statements were more general and the CTA’s legal advice did not consider that the complaint had any prospect of success. “You can’t change the competition with more decisions like last Sunday at the Bernabeu. The competition is rigged“Laporta said.

Now, in case Javi They are considered something inappropriate, but not directly attacking anyone, but what he perceives to be the situation. So the CTA doesn’t account for any movement around Javi due to this gesture when he looks for the camera and says: “It’s a shame”.

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