“There’s been a terrible mistake”… a role that affects your mental health

Nicole Kidman has revealed that her next series is available on Prime Video. Emigrants, which has a significant impact on your mental health. Despite the difficulties of the meeting, the actress did not want to give up the role and she explained the meaning.

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After the 1980s, Nicole Kidman never started projects and put them in a framework. If the actress gives up movie privileges with some ghosts in fiction, she will become a lot of performances in TV series in recent years. In this career, it is easiest to imagine yourself in a comedic role, familiar with difficult roles. And yet, the star admits that these roles have recently been a plus for the complexities of life in the game and are not the reason for much of a scene. Awakening series Emigrants (notre avis), film adaptation of the novel Emigrants Janice Y.K. Lee, which releases on Prime Video on January 26, 2024. This feature film suits three American women, Margaret (Nicole Kidman), Hilary (Barn Blue) and Mercy (Ji Young Yoo), not les vies croisent après une tragédie. family sudain. It is a new interrogation of privilege and an exploration of the line between victim status and victim culpability.

Pourquois tournament series Emigrants “A été très difficile” by Nicole Kidman

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In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Nicole Kidman Révèle avoir eu du bad à Tourner une party de la series où fils de sonnage disparaît. “Je me suis dit: “Je ne peux pas, je ne peux pas faire ça”– I began to explain to the actress, mère de four enfants dans la vie. Emigrants This feeling affects the mental health of the frivolous comedienne, but the point is not that the family’s life is aggravated by difficulties. “I only returned to Hong Kong, without my family, and it was a terrible mistake. I cannot accept aviation for the reunion. And they have nothing to do with me. Cela a eu un effect sur la serie, mais aussi sur mon psychisme“Nicole Kidman added.

Nicole Kidman Reveals Why She Kept Turning Tough Cases Around

Malgré difficulties faced by expat tournament participants, Nicole Kidman I declared my commitment to pour out the values ​​of my eyes to personally represent my best sons. “C’était comme pour The story of domestic violence in Big Little Lies. I thought that gens vivirt ça… my work is a channel of this situation and an interpreter in absolute truthfulness and authenticity. Si je ne le fais pas pas, alors je ne sers pas la raison pour laquelle je travaille en tant qu’actrice, qui est de me communication a la vie telle qu’elle est, dans toute sa douleur et sa gloire” concludes the comedy, which was a terrible surprise to the crew when it won an Oscar in 2003.

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