These are moments that cannot be in films!

In this article, discover all the moments from all the Harry Potter books that are not in the films!

In this article, MCE TV will reveal all the moments and the most important moments of the Harry Potter movie that are not yet available.

Harry Potter, charming toujour autant

Harry Potter fait bel et bien party sagi le plus iconic pop culture. Grace aux écrits de JK. Rowling, the world has entered to discover the world wizard three atypical.

As a result, your cardboard books are valid all the time. This is the best meme for the saga, meme 13 after the release of the last film in cinemas! Alors Warner Bros decided to redesign the cover with a new series.

D’ailleurs, author of Harry Potter’s New Bosador Research Tours. However, in these end times, the reputation of the saga portends a revolution. Car l’autrice est accused of homophobia.

She is Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s underdog for the state of LGBT society and the trans genre. Elle écrivait ainsi: ” If I use a color device, it will be terrible. »

“En lisant ce rapport ce matin, ma colère n’a fait que grimper. “Children raise irreversible damage and millions of people and accomplices, ordinary doctors, most celebrities, people in conditions of convention and cynical enterprises.”

De quoi faire Bondir Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson who missed this notice. De quoi agacer la Principal Denonce qui Denonce « “Celebrities rallying behind the women’s rights movement.”

These are the moments that don’t make sense in movies

Marauder’s Map

In the Harry Potter films, as you are moments that were not wasted. This is not the marauder card and the meaning of the surf cartridge. The person who doesn’t comment is that she is connected to the Harry Potter Patronus.

Voldemort baby

Lorskil was a child, son of physique eu surprise gift. He cannot imagine that as a result of this, a variety of parasites will appear on the body of another sorcerer.

The film La Coupe de Feu was never explained comment cela s’est product.

The battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort

Unlike the ending of Harry Potter and Coupe de Feu, these two characters are humiliated in a duel in a graveyard. Leurs flux magiques seconnected. This is also similar to baguettes appearing as phantoms.

The Harry Potter films took their time to explain the strange phenomenon.

The Harry Potter Prophecy in the Order of the Phoenix

The story of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is ​​based on protagonist’s prophecy. More than that doesn’t matter.

Dumbledore and Harry Potter in King’s Cross Purgatory

Conversation between Harry Potter and Dumbledore in Deathly Hallows, Part 2, as a gift to Turlupinera. Car il ne s’est pas passé grand – chose this scene.

Alors le jeune socier est en colère contre Dumbledore. Il s’me me sur sa bienveillance… It’s terrible that this scene is not explained. Products ont voulu reduire les scenes qui contenaient trop de paroles.

Car figures that show sequences action is a priority.