These are searches that you should NOT do on Google.

In the digital age, Google became our faithful advisor, giving us answers to all questions only with A click. However, is it really safe to blindly trust it? tech giant?

HowGoogle positions itself as a digital oraclel, it is important to recognize that this search engine, although valuable, is not no risk. Below we’ll look at certain terms and topics that may expose you to Heyinconvenience undesirable.

Anxiety! Search queries that may compromise your security

1. Criminal acts?

  • Research about Criminal activity This can not only be dangerous, but also alert the authorities. Don’t set alarms and better refrain from this type of search.

2. Treatment and medical consultations

  • While Google can be an ally in finding information, it will never replace opinion medical worker. Avoid self-diagnosis and always consult your doctor if you have any questions.

3. Loans and ways to make quick money:

  • Promise easy money It may be tempting, but Googling these methods may expose you to scams and the risk of information theft. Be careful and avoid falling into possible traps.

4. Illegal content

  • Web sites dubious origin stores illegal content this may jeopardize your safety. Avoid clicking on these platforms to protect your device from malware and other risks.

Browse with caution on Google

Yeah good Google This is an invaluable ally, its usefulness comes with responsibility. While exploring its secrets, it is imperative that you remain aware of the possible consequences. Carefully navigating this vast digital universe is the key to reaping its benefits without compromising your safety.

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