These are the 10 most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain.

Spotify exclusively offers ZEN the ten titles that enjoyed the most success in 2023 among its “listeners” most interested in personal growth and self-care.

Just like the industry self help It continues to grow on bookstore shelves, another effect of the pandemic is the discovery of numerous podcasts in the genre. There are already those who joke that there are more of them podcaster than listeners or recorded programs are beyond our capabilities. But the truth is that, judging also by the high demand for this type of content aimed at welfare, we need tools to manage the fast world that consumes us. And in this quest to be productive even in moments of leisure, any time is beneficial for learning and personal growth.

No wonder Spotify explains to ZEN that the Health & Wellness category increased by 17.7% compared to 2022. In fact, three of the five most exported publications from our country to the rest of the world are dedicated to mental health: El Podcast de Marian Rojas Estapé, Entiende Tu Mente and El Podcast de

“Today the podcast is one of excellent information dissemination tools what we have, especially on some specific topics. If you look at the lists of successful platforms such as Spotify, on a day like today, five of the top 10 deal with content related to health, self-help, psychology…” explains Javier Attard, journalist and author of EL MUNDO. a day, the podcast of this newspaper, responsible for joining the new reality, which he knows first-hand: “Audio allows us to connect with the readers we already had and who usually never read the news. And it also gives the opportunity become closer to a younger audience: 70% of our listeners have from 18 to 45 years old“, he reveals.

From Attard’s point of view, the key to success in this genre is that we live in a time when greater importance is placed on self-treatment. “The format is conducive to this idea. It’s even an evasion method. He accompanies us, he sets us free, and if we can also learn some teaching that will help us live better, what more can we ask for!”

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For whom need inspiration To find new titles or you already know them but want to go deeper to focus even more, these are the “top 10” that Spotify shares exclusively with ZEN, the most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain.

1. Podcast by Mariana Rojas Estape

Courtesy of the episode in which President Pedro Sánchez intervened in “La Pija y la Quinqui”, the most listened to, perhaps due to its unprecedented format combined with pizza, a famous psychiatrist where the most books are sold in Spain He is the star of the “top 5” most played series. In Rojas Estapé, a total of three chapters are among the most requested: How to get the best version, What does it mean to be an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)? And Don’t let anything keep you from sleeping.

From the ZEN team, which has also had this reference as a favorite since the first season, we encourage you to listen to it. This number one is more than justified because his words spoken with calm and melodious voice They always contribute and come to terms with life just like their therapy pages.

2. Understand your mind

A podcast that became successful by naturalizing mental health issues and explaining them mannequins. Luis Muinho, Molo Cebrian and Monica Gonzalez touch on topics that everyone can identify with in just 15 or 20 minutes: How long does it take to get to the office? From how to deal with people who try to put you down to how to stop stereotyping and complaining.

Very practical psychology that does not stop even on vacation, remaining for a long time on this podium of the most watchful. Now they are betting on new formats with a person telling their case to better understand it.

3. It’s like no one was listening

With bronze Chris Blanco, a communicator and social media content creator who applies her own experiences to that sweet time where the listener feels like being with a friend. In each episode he shares his opinionsthoughts, feelings… No filters.

“My podcast is a project that I decided to bet on after six years of studying at university and for which I try to improve and innovate every day, putting all my desire and enthusiasm, so completely independent“,” she explained this year after Forbes Spain named her one of the “Top 50 in Podcasting.”

4. In case the voices come back

comedian Angel Martinbut not Dani, as he jokes in a monologue that could fill the WiZink Center, talking to people face to face about their problems with Mental health. This year for her podcast, which has the same name as her first book about a psychotic break she suffered, they ranged from singers like Conchita to actress Nerea Barros and gymnast Almudena Cid.

The confessional, where the interesting thing is that they do it. “without any filter”, in conversations that sometimes last more than an hour. Without any predetermined frequency, but they never disappoint because they humanize those familiar faces who are going through the same self-esteem crisis or impostor syndrome as the rest of us.

5. We are great

Every Sunday at 11 am, this center in Barcelona and Madrid deals in a very fresh and relevant way with risky behavior, childhood trauma, conflict resolution techniques… A place created by women “to look inside and thrive on all levels“. The goal is help improve quality of life all those people who, due to enormous social demands, suffer psychologically.

“We do this with psychologists specializing in each areaso that those women who listen to us can apply this knowledge and advice in their daily lives and improve your well-being.

6. Christina Miter Podcast

The journalist who created the movement Women who run and sent Women Health She decided to fly alone and was a huge success as a result. Christina Miter from Dubai says that behind every podcast episode “is script hours and a lot of logistics for recording interviews.” Sometimes even with a changed work schedule.

“Then, in post-production, you need to edit the audio, transcribe it, prepare materials for networks, newsletters…every Sunday interview is weeks of work.” But it gives you the opportunity to continue learning and clarify those doubts that we all have. “I think this is the key to success: making accessible the scientific knowledge that underlies health and well-being. I’m like that that friend we all turn to because he always has the best advice. Even those we don’t want to hear.” From her great work, we’re highlighting episodes dedicated specifically to women, from promoting strength work to normalizing menopause to breaking down beauty routines with real experts.

7. Naked psychology | @psi.mammoliti

Clinical psychologist Marina Mammoliti He stars in these revealing audio recordings (hence the title) where he is encouraged to lead a meaningful life. “She was born very small, almost by accident.” She remembers recording with headphones on, a phone microphone, and surrounded by pillows to block out outside sound.

“I began to notice that many of my patients were coming in upset about problems like this. The question: “I don’t know what to do with this emotion” was repeated many times, as well as what was already related to connections love relationshipThe format seemed “beautiful”, but social networks did not live up to expectations. Time and a huge audience have proven him right.

8. Revolutionary fitness radio

“I started in 2014 because I was hooked by several American podcasts health, and there was almost nothing in Spanish,” explains Marcos Vázquez, one of the most respected promoters of well-being in Spain, whom we were lucky enough to interview several times at ZEN. At that time, the Asturian recalls, it was necessary to explain to people how to listen to the podcast. Today the reality is completely different: “Fortunately, they have become excellent source of information for many people, and I am pleased to remain among the most listened to after all these years.

He doesn’t deny that creating content every week takes a lot of effort, “but it’s worth it.” Their expert interviews are an ocean of knowledge, but our favorite section is, without a doubt, “Questions and answers”where Marcos Vasquez uses research and common sense to clarify the doubts that can plague anyone interested in self-care.

9. Psychology and Wellbeing | Podcast MundoPsicologí

Emotional intelligence, setting family boundaries, couples therapy, career counseling, coping with grief, and many other topics that are addressed seriously mental health professionals. A clinic that addresses current topics in psychology, with a team of more than 10,000 professionals located throughout Spain. “This is an essential destination for those seeking emotional balance and well-being,” say the authors, who also offer therapy. Online.

For over a hundred episodes are about 20 minutes explains various disorders, addictions, existential crises… An ally in moments when a person feels a little lost.

10. Doubts given

“Born from Infinity we need to question everything that surrounds us. It was created to talk about problems that occur in our society like silent epidemics. To start uncomfortable but necessary conversations about personal and social growth.” Ashley Frangie and Leti Sahagun started a shy project between two friends that is now a huge scam community. 349,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A mutual interview after almost 20 years of friendship became the seed worldwide call center through which artists like Sebastian Yatra, famous psychologists, athletes, teachers, doctors have gone through… “Doubts Ring” wants to continue the conversation in a safe place where they can doubt and exist at ease.

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